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Where Does Manny Machado Fit Best?

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Where Does Manny Machado Fit Best?

With all the trade rumors swirling, Manny Machado seems to be at the center of many of those talks. Although recently it seems the Orioles are unwilling to trade Machado this off-season, this still leaves the question: Where does Manny Machado fit best?

The St. Louis Cardinals

This seems to be a good fit for both the Orioles and the Cardinals. Machado is on the last year of his contract and is likely not going to return to Baltimore as he is yet to sign an extension. The Cardinals have made some solid moves this off-season by trading for Marcell Ozuna and signing Luke Gregerson.

Machado showed interest in playing Shortstop, and after trading away Aledmys Diaz a spot has opened up at short. This would allow the Cardinals to keep Gyrko at 3rd. Machado would help the Cardinals make a final push for a World Series Championship. Odds are Machado will not sign an extension with the Cards once he is traded because he has shown the most interest in playing for the Yankees. So, having him for one season as a final hurrah is a solid option.

The Chicago White Sox

Yes, the Chicago White Sox have supposedly sent the Orioles the best offer for Machado, but this deal would not make any sense for the White Sox. As previously mentioned, Machado is on the last year of his contract. If the White Sox trade for him there is no guarantee that he will sign an extension with the South Siders.

The White Sox are currently rebuilding, and are not ready to make a push for the playoffs in 2018. Trading away any combination of prospects for a top player with only 1 year of control would be detrimental to the rebuilding efforts. Now, if the White Sox did happen to get Machado to sign an extension, it would be helpful for the White Sox future, when the younger talent develops. However, due to Manny’s desire to play in the Bronx, this trade would be way to risky and benefit the Orioles more than the White Sox.

The New York Yankees

So, where does Manny Machado fit best? The answer is the New York Yankees. The third base spot is available and a reunion with Todd Fraizer seems unlikely. Machado would be a perfect fit in New York. He would be adding more fuel to the already insane lineup that is the New York Yankees.

Machado would provide excellent defense in the hot corner and bring the hitting numbers to back it up. The Yankees have the prospects to trade in order to make the deal possible, and Manny Machado has already expressed interest in playing and signing an extension with the Yankees. So what is the problem?

Well, Orioles GM Dan Duquette and owner Peter Angelos have removed Machado from the trading block at this time, and have stated they do not want to send Manny to the Bronx.

When Will He Go?

The Orioles front office has botched the entire trade situation to this point, showing no interest in wanting to extend Machado’s contract, and not wanting to trade him this off-season. This means Machado’s best two options for leaving Baltimore is either a mid-season trade to a potential playoff team or playing out the 2018 season and heading to free agency in 2019.

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