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What Are The Red Sox Chances Of Landing J.D Martinez

What Are The Red Sox Chances Of Landing J.D Martinez Keith Allison - Via - Flickr


What Are The Red Sox Chances Of Landing J.D Martinez

After finishing near the bottom of the league in home runs this past season. It became clear that the absence of David Ortiz leaves a big hole in the Red Sox offense. And that problem is they have no premier home run hitters. Mookie Betts led the team last year in home runs with 24, which is second lowest in the league in team leaders in home runs only behind the Giants. So it’s clear the Red Sox need to do something. Not acquiring Eric Hosmer isn’t too much of a blow to the organization. Seeing that they had extended Mitch Moreland who has proven to be a worthwhile hitter. So, the real question then becomes, what are the chances of the Red Sox landing J.D Martinez?


J.D Martinez’ value to the Red Sox

Not only did J.D Martinez rank 3rd in the league last year in home runs with 45, but also have proven to be a reliable outfielder. Although if he were to come to the Red Sox he would primarily be used at the DH position. Where he will get most of his playing time, but will also more likely than not be granted time in the outfield as well. If you’re going to pay big money for a guy like him might as well get your money’s worth am I right?

The Red Sox last season did however have an offense that can get a lot of base hits. Placing 8th in the league, and with the possible addition of Martinez. He could really help this team seeing that not only can he hit for power, but he can hit for average too. Hitting .303 last year with 45 home runs and 104 runs batted in. There is no doubt in my mind he could be the difference maker to a team that almost has all the puzzle pieces put together.


Red Sox in 2018

If the Red Sox can acquire Martinez, the 2018 season will be far better than last year’s 93-69. If they can pull off the Martinez acquisition, the Red Sox will be a complete and dominating offense like they were in 2016. Until then we can only hope for the very best in the Red Sox organization and have trust in the process. let’s hope the Red Sox have the possibility of landing J.D Martinez.



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