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Will Gerrit Cole Find A New Home In Houston?

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Will Gerrit Cole Find A New Home In Houston?

After what was such a dominating and successful 2017 season. The Houston Astros look to outdo themselves in 2018. By going after Pirates ace, Gerrit Cole, Houston is trying to put themselves in a position to once again dominate the A.L. So then the question becomes, Will Gerrit Cole find a new home in Houston? And I’m sure the answer to that question for most Houston fans is a definite yes.


Cole in 2017

Normally a starter who has had a lot of success in previous seasons, Gerrit Cole was not his sharpest in 2017. It was the first time in his career he had a season ERA over 4, but the strikeouts were still looking solid. This could be a big add for the Astros who ranked 2nd in the league in strikeouts in 1593. In 2017 Cole threw for 203 innings and tossed 196 strikeouts. That number should be the same in 2018. I don’t expect a huge drop in his ERA from 2017-2018 but it will definitely be below a 3.5.


Cole and the Astros

Having one of the top pitching rotations in the MLB last season. The Astros look to be even better this year. Although how does adding Gerrit Cole improve Houston’s already dominate rotation? With the possible addition of Gerrit Cole,  it could offer more flexibility to an already dominant rotation. Expect the Astros to be the premier strikeout team if they acquire him. What does this mean though for their chances at a repeat?


Cole and the Pirates

It’s easy to think about what a player means going over in a trade. Although what does Cole mean to the Pirates? Already a club with a bunch of young guys, Gerrit Cole could be the veteran presence along with McCutchen and teach the young players. That does, however, bring up one major question. How long will this rebuild last, and when it is complete will Cole still dominate enough to lead the rotation? He’s still a young guy at the age of 27, but we all know how long a proper rebuild can take, and by that point, he may be too old to lead the team.



It’s still too early to tell who Cole will for sure sign with for 2018. He may go to the Yankees, he may go the Astros he might even sign back with Pittsburgh. No matter what happens, I hope Cole finds the best place for him and his family in 2018.