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MLB Pace of Play: Attracting a Younger Audience

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MLB Pace of Play: Attracting a Younger Audience

We all know the main hot topic around the MLB has been the pace of play and trying to keep the younger generation attracted to the game. A lot of people view baseball as to “slow” or not having enough “action.” There are a couple ways that the MLB can speed up the process of the game without tampering with the heart of baseball. MLB pace of play is tricky, but there are a few things that may make a difference heading into the future. Some of the ideas I have are minor things such as shortening the commercial breaks and limiting how many commercial breaks are taken. Some other changes the MLB is going to make are a set amount of mound visits and a pitch clock, giving the pitchers a set amount of time before each pitch.

Commercial Breaks

The one change I would love to see in the MLB isn’t a rule change, it’s actually shorter commercial breaks. The one break they can do without is commercials for pitching changes. Hardcore fans of the game love seeing pitchers warm up before going in, it gives them the ability to scout the pitcher and gets them involved. With how short attention spans are anymore, too many commercial breaks can turn someone away. I went back and did some research myself, and watched the Chicago Cubs vs Seattle Mariners on July 31st, 2016. I sat through 5 commercial breaks timing how long each break was. At the end, it came out to an average of 2 minutes and 10 seconds, which seemed long for commercial breaks. Shortening them to a minute could dramatically help viewership, but as we all know, commercials are how the MLB makes a lot of its money.

Mound Visits

At first glance mound visits don’t seem like much of a delay in a game. Yet some people like to think differently. Many have proposed less mound visits. I do agree that too many mound visits after a while can start to really slow the game down. Especially if the game is moving slow to begin with. This could work like a time out, each team would be able to visit the mound a select amount of times in a game. After all the mound visits have been used, the team can no longer go to the mound. That sounds a bit repetitive but it’s something that could possibly work.

Pitchers Clock

Pitchers have a lot to do in whether a game moves smoothly or if it moves to slow. Differences can be seen if pitchers speed up deliveries and not take long doing what they do before each pitch. Having pitches selected in advance could also move things a long a little faster. The main thing for me when it comes to pitchers and the MLB pace of play, is having a pitch clock. It would basically limit pitchers to 10-15 seconds before they have to throw the next pitch. As for the penalties that would go along with that, I have no suggestions.


When it comes to the overall experience of a baseball game, to me, the game doesn’t move to slow. All the things I mentioned may or may not have an effect on the pace of play for the MLB. It shouldn’t matter though, because people who love watching baseball don’t care about the speed of the game. They just love watching the one sport that makes absolute sense to them. People that complain about how slow the game moves are the ones who don’t fully enjoy the game of baseball. Whatever happens though, I will always love this sport. However, changing the MLB pace of play will hopefully generate a new wave of fans for the next generation.