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Kyle Schwarber Continues To Struggle

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Kyle Schwarber Continues To Struggle

The Chicago Cubs roster is filled with star studded players like Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Wilson Contreras etc. Although Kyle Schwarber has not been one of those type of guys thus far in the season. After having a real struggle in the first half of the season. Kyle was demoted to Triple A Iowa, with hopes that he could return to his 2016 post-season form. It’s been more than a handful of games, and Kyle has still not been able to produce consistently or play solid defense. At this point, it’s hurting the Cubs to put him in the starting lineup.


Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber might as well be referred to as the man who was “over hyped in a small sample size”. Since his 2015 season, and his comeback in the World Series. Schwarber has been figured out and can’t adjust to opposing pitching. He is weak against LHP and can’t seem to get a good read on any sort of breaking ball. His average against lefties is a dismal .177, and against righties a little better but only at .197. Currently leading the team in strike outs, and ranked 28th in the league with 103. Doesn’t really convince you to keep him in the lineup.



We all know after this season both Arrieta and Lackey are both leaving Chicago. So, it would make a lot of sense to deal a struggling Schwarber to the A.L. in return for elite starting pitching. Now it’s not going to be as easy as dealing just Schwarber, another may have to depart as well. A couple names that can be added into a Schwarber trade are Javier Baez and Albert Almora. Which would allow both Jon Jay and Ian Happ to get more playing time, which is what the Cubs need right now. Until then, let’s hope Schwarber can get back on track and start contributing to the team. Although, you may not want to hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

  • Strugz

    Since being brought back up from AAA, Schwarber’s slash line is .260/.349./.589. If you had a clue, you would recognize that that is excellent. Rizzo is .260/.361.522 and Bryant is .309/.368/.511. Schwarber maintains the greatest OPS of the 3… Get a clue.

  • Jason

    Respectfully disagree, if he has been as good as you claim. Then why does he only really contribute when hitting at the DH position? Instead of a .260 avg, if he were in the A.L he would be batting .280. Defense meesses with his approach at the plate.

  • charlie from humboldt

    IMNSO Ian happ has killed this team for months, frankly how dare you use baez as trade bait over happ. Happ is hitting a pathetic 210 since the ASB and for the year strikes out more frequently than baez. Happ has 8 walks to baez’s 6 since the asb. I seem to recall this team being dominant defensively last season, but now that Happ and schwarber are playing almost daily, the defense has faltered quite a bit. Happ looks completely overmatched against any good pitcher, it was inexcusable for madden to deploy him against bumgardner yesterday. This team needs to bench HAPP and Schwarber and then play almora daily, literally what else does he have to do to prove he’s worthy of that.

  • Defending happ is indefensible, it’s the equivalent of supporting trump… he belongs in IOWA, he’s been an outright bum except for june this whole season. His power has fallen off a cliff the last two months, i’m confused other than being racisct or not likely flashy players how you could contend that happ has been better than baez in july or august, the numbers don’t lie, and neither does happs shitty glove at 2b.

  • I guess cubs fans don’t like almora because he doesn’t strike out 40% of his at bats like happ, all he does is hit 280 (basically best on the team save jay) and get 2 out hits and rbi’s. But because he’s not in the beer league softball mold of brick gloved constantly striking out happ and schwarber he must be dealt. I really hope that theo and jed aren’t as blind about this as literally every fan. Happ’s performance in the 2nd half is a disgrace, he should be demoted ASAP and traded before the book is out on him that he can’t make contact or play solid defense anywhere.

    • You are all right, I used to think that there wasn’t going to be any growth with Almora.Now though he is starting to play much better defense and hitting a lot better. He still needs some work, but the whole Cubs roster needs some developing.