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At The Stripe with Noah Lewis: Episode 2 Atlanta 500


In the second episode of At The Stripe with Noah Lewis, I break down all of the action following last weekend’s Atlanta 500.

I begin with discussion about Kevin Harvick’s domination in Atlanta. Kevin Harvick took the win in both the XFINITY and Cup race in Atlanta, proving his strength at the track. Last weekend’s win also is significant as it marks almost 17 years after his first ever win in the series at that track. Following the race, Harvick did a polish victory lap with the number 3 up on his fingers just as he did years ago. The win became very emotional for all who remember that race, and what it represented so many years ago.

I also talk about the Ford dominance over the weekend. A Toyota won the truck race, but as for the rest of the weekend, it was all Ford. Throughout Sunday’s race, many Ford driver’s led laps, and the top three finishers all had blue ovals on the front of their race cars. In episode #1 I discussed how I thought the Ford’s wouldn’t be as strong in Atlanta. I and others were proven very wrong.

Another one of the many things I mention is the lack of performance from the Chevrolets. Many Chevy drivers struggled all race long with extreme looseness in the racecar. Some drivers gained as the race went on, others stayed around the same position all day. Though they didn’t have the best run, it doesn’t mean the car is bad. With this being the first mile and a half racetrack we visited, teams will continue to work on the cars to make them better. Joe Gibbs Racing took several months before they were able to win in 2017 with a new body. That is one of the many things giving Chevy hope for the season.

Make sure you tune in to hear all of that and much more in this week’s episode.