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Corey Brewer Commits to Signing With The Thunder

Corey Brewer Photo credit to Dennis Adair via Flickr


Corey Brewer Will Sign With The Lakers

10-year veteran Corey Brewer will sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder after reaching a buyout agreement with the Los Angeles Lakers Wednesday.

Brewer will sign with OKC once he clears waivers today.  Due to low playing time, the former Florida Gator averaged 3.7 points, 1.7 rebounds and 0.8 per game, per

The 31-year-old forward played 12.9 minutes per game from the 54 games that he played with the Lakers.

Los Angeles acquired Brewer last year in a trade with the Houston Rockets that sent Lou Williams and a 2017 first-round pick to Houston.

Throughout the 54 games that Brewer played with the Lakers, it was obvious that he did not fit the future plans of the organization.

Brewer Joining The Big Three In OKC:

However, the acquisition of Brewer is huge for OKC and their playoff aspirations. Signing with OKC is a great move for Brewer because of the style of basketball that the team plays.

The Portland native will be reunited with his former college coach in Billy Donovan. This signing provides the Thunder with an experienced veteran, a defensive minded player and fast break offense.

Brewer’s playoff experience will help this team gel together through adversity. Although the Thunders big three get scrutinized for their lack of offense at times they are pretty solid on defense.

Adding the seventh pick in the 2007 NBA draft pick will help this team in the long run especially in the playoffs. One of OKC’s weaknesses is their bench and their lack of depth.

Brewer could start due to the injury of Roberson or play significant minutes.

Playoff Push:

Earlier in the season, the team lost their starting guard and arguably their defensive leader in Andre Roberson.

Roberson’s season ended after he ruptured his left patellar tendon. The addition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony allowed this team to hide Roberson’s lack of offense.

The statistics may not show it but one could argue that playing with Melo and George helped Roberson develop on the offensive side of the ball.

Without Roberson, the team’s defense will be missing a key piece to the puzzle. After losing Roberson it was clear that the team needed to add another piece before the playoffs.

Adding Brewer doesn’t scream western conference finals but it does provide the team with another weapon.

The swing-man will also help the team remain consistent on defense. Often times OKC struggles with generating easy offense and the former Laker will help the team improve in that area.

The 31-year-old forward will be eligible for the playoffs. Brewer will sign a contract with OKC by the end of the day.

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