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Nigel Bradham Sees Battery Case Dropped After Keeping A Clean Nose

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A Clean Nose Helps Nigel Bradham Avoid Serious Legal Consequences

It has been a puzzling week for Philadelphia Eagles fans. The reason might be because no Eagles fan knows what to expect in Saturday’s playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons. This game could go either way, and it has Eagles fans on edge. Not everything about this week has been perplexing as Eagles linebacker Nigel Bradham received good news last week after keeping a clean nose.

TMZ Sports reported back in 2016 that Bradham was involved in an accident in Miami that led to a battery charge. Bradham dodged a bullet due to the prosecution deferring. All Bradham had to do is keep a clean nose for six months, and things will be fine.

It’s Great News For Bradham And The Team

Receiving any good news is always a boost for a player. The former Seminole should play in Saturday’s game in good spirits. With this issue resolved, Bradham can go back to playing football, and that’s great news for the team and the fans.

He’s a player that’s currently in his prime while playing the best football in his career and is now playing on the best pro team of his career. Bradham knows this opportunity might not come again, so an excellent performance from him on Saturday is a huge possibility.

Bradham Is Learning From His Mistakes

The outside linebacker is not a stranger to legal issues. Bradham got involved in two separate legal matters in 2016. His first legal problem was the battery charge involving a worker from a Hilton hotel in June. Then came the second legal issue, one which included bringing a loaded firearm to Miami International Airport that led to his arrest. Bradham went the entire 2017 without any legal problems.

He’s showing signs of improvement and that’s all fans can ask of the player that’s been a vital piece to a magical Eagles season.