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Philadelphia Eagles Final Roster Is Full Of Doubts

Philadelphia Eagles final roster Crispy Hexagon Via Flickr


Philadelphia Eagles Final Roster Should Have Fans Shaking Their Heads

All NFL teams had to trim their rosters to only 53 players by 4 p.m. on Saturday. Philadelphia knew they had to make some tough decisions as well as some easy ones. There were certain players that underperformed in the preseason and training camp that should have received a pink slip. The Philadelphia Eagles final roster should have fans shaking their heads. That being said, we’ll hope these decisions don’t come back to haunt the team in the short or long run.

Running Back Donnel Pumphrey Made It To The Philadelphia Eagles Final Roster

The San Diego Aztec product had an underwhelming preseason for the Eagles. Donnel Pumphrey came in with sizable expectations coming out of San Diego State. Pumphrey failed to impress and struggled to show his potential to the team. A fourth-round pick from this year’s draft, he’ll have the chance to prove himself during the regular season. It’s a bit of a shock to see the team keep him since they’ll have a total of five running backs on the final roster. Also, Pumphrey is the weakest link out of the five. The Eagles are being patient with him and are hoping it pays off for them in the long run.

The Philadelphia Eagles Final Roster Also Includes Wide Receiver Shelton Gibson

If there was a player that I thought was chopped liver, it was Shelton Gibson. Gibson was a player that looked destined for the practice squad. Philly must believe he’s another player that could do some good for them if given a second chance. The worst part about the Eagles keeping Gibson is that wide receiver Bryce Treggs got the axe and Gibson was given his roster spot. It’s a tough pill to swallow for fans of Bryce Treggs after seeing him have a solid preseason.

The Eagles Only Have Two Quarterbacks On The Roster

Philadelphia’s coaching staff got rid of quarterbacks Matt McGloin and Dane Evans. This means starting quarterback Carson Wentz only has Nick Foles backing him up this season. For example, what happens if Wentz goes down for the season? The truth is, anything can happen during the regular season. Due to an elbow injury, Wentz’s only backup did not play in the preseason. As a result, the team is playing with fire by not having a third-string quarterback on the roster.

Defensive Tackle Elijah Qualls Gets The Chance He Deserves

It would have been an outrage had Elijah Qualls gotten cut. The defensive tackle had a strong preseason and demonstrated what he can do for the team. A team can never have enough playmakers. Now he is part of a defensive line that should demolish opposing offensive lines. However, it will be Qualls’ job to prove that the team made the right decision by keeping him. He shouldn’t have a problem applying pressure along with his teammates.

Chance Warmack Gets A One-Year Extension

This was an odd decision by the team. In my opinion, he’s a player that does not deserve an extension. The Eagles could be keeping him for depth reasons. There are too many questions about what he can bring to the team for him to be a starter. His biggest question mark is his lack of versatility. In addition, he hasn’t looked good at all this offseason. He must be best friends with Philadelphia’s offensive line coach, Jeff Stoutland.