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Asuka officially passes Goldberg’s undefeated streak

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Asuka officially passes Goldberg’s undefeated streak

173 victories… 173 short, but hard fought victories that former WCW star Bill Goldberg racked up, as he went through a tear in the now defunct World Championship Wrestling. A record that seemed as monumental to the development of the star, as it was essential in keeping WCW’s ratings push against the WWE as high as it was.

With each passing week, the company would tack on more victories to the tally, making his run seem like the ultimate Cinderella story that was hopped up on testosterone.

And Jackhammers.

Running through the jobbers of the company (WWE would refer to them nowadays as “enhancement talent”), Goldberg would eventually go on to face some of the more marquee names in the roster; from Steven “William” Regal, to The Giant (The Big Show), he would go on to face, and un-crown then WCW World Heavyweight Champion, “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan.

He continued to add to the streak of wins after becoming champion; which, if you count the official number of wins, is somewhere in the 150s. The win streak would eventually meet a brick wall, though, in the name of Kevin Nash. At Starrcade 1998, with an assist from Scott Hall and a taser, the streak ended at 173-1.

However inflated Goldberg’s record may have been, it still stood the test of time, as one that seemed almost impossible to pass.

Enter NXT Women’s Champion Asuka.

This past weekend saw Asuka reach 163 victories. She may actually be on par to crush Goldberg’s TV win streak soon enough, although, she technically already surpassed him.

Asuka has enjoyed her run in NXT, as fans have seen her topple a who’s who of names from both the NXT and WWE. She was pretty much the unstoppable monster face, though, she is small in frame.

She has also held the NXT Women’s Championship for one year. Asuka looks to have turned heel, as she utilized some underhandedness in retaining the title at NXT Takeover: Orlando.

She defeated the surging Ember Moon.

Originally, it was thought that she would drop the belt to Moon at Takeover; so that she could move up to the main roster. Many believe she will end up on RAW, although it would look like a better fit on SmackDown Live.

Interfering in a battle royale that was meant to determine the #1 Contender for the title, Asuka is set to defend her title in a fatal four way; pitting her against the likes of Ember Moon, Sanity’s Nikki Cross, and Ruby Riot.

This will happen during the May 20th NXT Takeover: Chicago event.

It may not be her swan song, though.

Many believe that she will retain, and hold on to the title until SummerSlam weekend, for the NXT Takeover: Brooklyn event.

The WWE Draft is set to take place on RAW, following SummerSlam. She could (and will) likely finally make an appearance on the main roster. But there are those who feel, and have theorized, that she will lose her title at Takeover: Chicago. She won’t likely be pinned, saving her eventual loss for Takeover: Brooklyn.

The WWE have put a lot of stock into Asuka, who as of now is at the age of 35; but working better than those who are younger than her. She has even worked against main roster stars during house shows. Certainly a sign of trust from the company.

Look for her to make her mark this year in the biggest way, as the WWE continues to build it’s women’s division into a force to be reckoned with.

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