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Can Sammie Coates Have A Bright Future With The Steelers?

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Coates Has Shown Promise

Wide receiver Sammie Coates, has been a major topic of discussion when regarding the high-powered offense of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Drafted in the third round from Auburn in 2015, Coates spent most of his rookie campaign as a practice player. Coates came on to help the team in the end of the season, including the playoffs.  However, the 2016 season provided a huge role change for Coates.   Martavis Bryant was suspended for the entire season due to drug issues.  Also, Markus Wheaton began to struggle. With that being said, Coates was called upon to be Ben Roethlisberger‘s second best option behind Antonio Brown.  In his new role, Coates showed a lot of promise as a deep threat for the Steelers.  Coates truly broke onto the scene with his performance against the New York Jets in which he finished with 6 receptions for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Roethlisberger has even been on record saying that he has very high expectations for the young wide out. - Customized NFL Gear

Injury Concerns

Although Coates had a tremendous game against the Jets, it also came with some misfortune.  During this game, Coates suffered injuries to his fingers.  This led to him having to tape his fingers which effected his ability to catch the ball and held him out in a couple games towards the end of the season.  Unfortunately, the injury woes don’t stop there.  On Monday night, Coates announced via his Twitter account that he had undergone groin surgery.  This has come to a surprise to many as Coates did not mention any other injury besides his fingers throughout the 2016 season or after the season had ended. Hopefully these injuries don’t hold him back too much during the offseason.

What Does The Future Hold?

With the injuries to Coates, opportunities were provided for young wide receivers such as Eli Rogers and Cobi Hamilton to show that they could play.  Both of these receivers were able to help the Steelers tremendously in their deep playoff run as Coates stood on the sideline.  However, I feel that there is still room for Coates.  With the future of Martavis Bryant being uncertain, the Steelers could still use a deep threat like Coates to take pressure off of Antonio Brown.