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Future of NHL in Olympics is grim

Canada wins gold at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics


For NHL players, every four years for the past six Winter Olympics, the best have suited up for their countries.

However, the future of this tradition has become grim. It is currently unknown whether or not people will see NHL hockey players perform on the Olympic stage again. Owners strongly oppose the Olympic play and have for quite some time due to how it has conflicted with the NHL season every four years.

Though, regardless of how the owners are feeling, some of the NHL’s biggest names have been expressing their true feelings on the matter. Jonathan Toews, NHL All-Star forward and captain of the Chicago Blackhawks, feels that the move would misrepresent the game of hockey.

Toews is seeking a third Olympic Gold Medal with the Canadian squad. He put emphasis on how much it means to players to get the chance to play for their countries. It is something that players dream about growing up.

During the World Cup of Hockey tournament, which took place last year, Auston Matthews, Toronto Maple Leafs All-Star rookie sensation, talked about future opportunities of playing internationally. Matthews, who was playing for Team North America during the tournament, expressed interest in eventually suiting up for Team USA in the Olympics. That dream, given the decisions of the Olympic Committees, may never become reality.

The Olympic Committee has stated that they will not be paying fees/expenses going forward. This makes NHL owners question the committees appreciation of time given by their players. Many problems arise from the committee’s decisions. Without them paying expenses, it no longer becomes worth leaving a gap in the NHL schedule every four years.

So while the future of the NHL partaking in the Olympic Games may look grim, the future of NHL seasons won’t be missing two weeks of action.