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Houston Texans Offseason Team Needs NFL Victor Araiza via Flickr


The Houston Texans had a playoff run in 2016, but it spoke more towards who they played and not themselves. Houston is a solid team, but their biggest question is at the most pivotal position in the sport.


With the top two quarterbacks on the roster being Brock Osweiler and Tom Savage, Houston has a major problem. With the 25th pick in the draft, there are two possible ways the Texans can handle their biggest dilemma. Houston could draft Patrick Mahomes out of Texas Tech, or Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer. Both of these picks could be a developmental project for he’d coach Bill O’Brien while they wait out the Osweiler situation. Houston’s other option is to ship off their first round pick for Jimmy Garropolo, but if such a move didn’t pan out, the immediate future may be in jeopardy. The safest, most short term answer, is make a run for Tony Romo if he is released. Romo would provide veteran leadership for a team that has lacked leadership and talent at the quarterback spot for many years.

Offensive Tackle

With both of Houston’s starting offensive tackles aging and battling injuries in the past few years, eventual replacements are starting to become a need opposed to a luxury. A top tier solution if still available at 25 in the draft, is Cam Robinson from Alabama. Another very talented pick that could fill a need is Ryan Ramczyk out of Wisconsin. Both of these guys are a great solution to a future problem Houston will face. - Customized NFL Gear


Houston doesn’t have many other glaring needs, but safety is the next biggest concern with the roster. The only real prospect through the draft that Houston may be intrigued by is Iowa’s Desmond King, and that is if the organization is comfortable with him as a safety prospect. King could be the playmaker Houston needs to solidify an already excellent defense.

Houston’s key to a deeper, more respectable playoff run is someone talented and consistent at the quarterback position. This problem seems to have a simple solution, but it is one of the most complex problems in the NFL.