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How Can the Eastern Conference Dethrone the Cavaliers? Trade Deadline Special

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are now, and have been, the front runners to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA finals at the end of the season.  With the trade deadline less than 24 hours away, the Eastern Conference needs to make a few moves by tomorrow afternoon to be able to contend for the NBA Championship.  Three teams may be able to take the Cavaliers to game 7, or even win.  The Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, and the Indiana Pacers have the best chances.

Eastern Conference Options

Eastern Conference

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Washington Wizards

“Caeleb, you’re crazy.” “Caeleb you’re delusional.”  That is between my therapist and I. Besides, these are very reasonable options. The Washington Wizards have surprised everyone this season, I was expecting them make the 8th seed and go out in 5 games, but they look like a team that can make a difference. Andre Drummond, Jimmy Butler, and Paul George are all on the trading block.

It all just depends what the Wizards are willing to give up. Automatically, they would have to give up their 2018 1st round draft pick. Next, it depends what piece they are looking to move.  We are 99.99% positive John Wall and Bradley Beal are no where near the trade block. The best trade, I think, they can make is Marcin Gortat and their 2018 1st round pick for Andre Drummond. With Otto Porter Jr. being the only SF/SG they could trade, they would get no where near Jimmy Butler or Paul George.

Eastern Conference

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Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers, on the other hand, have more of an advantage than the Wizards do. Their team is deep with good role players (Aaron Brooks, C.J. Miles, Al Jefferson, ect.).  It isn’t a talent issue, it is a chemistry issue. Now if it comes down to moving pieces, I have a big trade idea. First, send Paul George and their 2018 2nd round pick to Chicago for Jimmy Butler. Then, reach out to  the Motor City. Oh, yes, bring in Andre Drummond. Trade Myles Turner and the 2017 1st round pick for Drummond. I know that this is HIGHLY unlikely, but, to see Butler and Drummond team up is a duo that not many people think about,  But, it is one I would not doubt.

Eastern Conference

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Boston Celtics

Now, to one of the most rumored teams near the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are not in the boat of teams possibly going after Andre Drummond.  But, they are front runners (per report) to trade for Jimmy Butler and possibly Paul George. No matter if the trade was for Butler or George, they would have to give up their 2017 first rounder. Now, which players depends on the team. If it is a trade for Butler, I would propose Jae Crowder, 2017 first round pick, and Tyler Zeller to the Bulls for Jimmy Butler and Cristiano Felicio. If they trade for Paul George, I would propose Avery Bradley, Jordan Mickey, and their 2017 second round pick for Paul George. 

In reality, I understand none of my trade offers resemble perfect scenarios.  But, to dethrone the Cavaliers, the only way any of these teams can make a stand in the East is to make these, or similar, trades .