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Jeff Jarrett Returning to Impact Wrestling?

Jeff Jarrett - TNA Mike Kalasnik


Jeff Jarrett Returning to Impact Wrestling?

According to reports, TNA co-founder Jeff Jarrett has returned to the company, but not as in-ring talent. It was believed that he would be brought on in an advisory role, or as a consultant, but, it would appear that his position might have changed.

PWInsider reports that Jarrett might become the replacement for John “Big” Gaburick as the new Executive Producer for Impact Wrestling. At present time, there has been no confirmation made as to whether or not a deal had been reached between Jarrett and Anthem, but expectations are that someone may appoint someone for the role soon.


It is highly unlikely that Gaburick will leave the company, though, as he recently restructured his deal with Impact, although, it has not been determined what his new role will be if he is replaced. Jarrett has also expressed publicly that he would continue to work on his company Global Force Wrestling outside of his obligations to Impact.

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