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NBA All-Star Saturday Events


NBA players Klay Thompson and John Wall

Keith Allison/via Flickr

NBA All-Star Saturday

This years 2016-17 NBA All-Star Saturday is filled with many new faces from inside and (for the first time) outside of the league. Whether you are watching to see the annual all-star veterans, or the talented young men still signed to a rookie contract, there is no doubt that it will be a thriller. The rosters for the February 18, 2017 Skills Competition, Three Point Contest, and Slam Dunk Contest are as follows:

NBA Skills Competition

Devin Booker (Suns)
DeMarcus Cousins (Kings)
Anthony Davis (Pelicans)
Joel Embiid (76ers)
Gordon Hayward (Jazz)
Kristaps Porzingis (Knicks)
Isaiah Thomas (Celtics)
John Wall (Wizards)


Three Point Contest

Eric Gordon (Suns)
Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers)
Kyle Lowry (Raptors)
Wes Matthews (Mavericks)
CJ McCollum (Blazers)
Klay Thompson (Warriors)
Kemba Walker (Hornets)
Nick Young (Lakers)

Slam Dunk Contest

Aaron Gordon (Magic)
DeAndre Jordan (Clippers)
Glenn Robinson III (Pacers)
Derrick Jones Jr. (Suns)

Many additions have been made to each of the three competitions, let’s notes the key differences…

The NBA Skills Challenge has many more big men then we have seen in years before. Reining Skills Challenge champion Karl Anthony Towns broke barriers last year becoming the first non-guard to win the competition, and with more big men this year then in any year before, the guards have the minority, while the big men have the momentum.

The NBA Three Point Contest is highlighted by reigning champion Klay Thompson, who had to defeat teammate and former Three Point champion Stephen Curry for the trophy. New faces this year such as Kemba Walker and Nick Young really make odds for the underdog more favorable this year. With Kyrie having his best career year, Klay being pushed aside in the Big 4, and many new comers, it seems to me that everyone has a chip on their shoulder and something to prove.

The NBA Slam Dunk contest is missing two-time reigning champion Zach Lavine, who along with Karl Anthony Towns, is not defending their trophy February 18th. Two things that stand out to me are, how is this DeAndre Jordan’s first dunk contest? And who is Derrick Jones Jr.? Unfortunately, I can only answer on of those questions. Derrick Jones Jr. plays with the Northern Arizona Suns, the Phoneix Suns D-Leauge team. This is the first time someone who has not played a majority of the NBA season on a teams active roster will be in any of the three Saturday night events. With the champion not in attendance, will Gordan seek revenge from last year? Or the Jones Jr. try to establish a name for himself?

Finally, the lack of interest. I see more people year after year give up on the games, especially after losing big name players in the Saturday night events. People like LeBron James and Stephen Curry using this weekend to rest, and not really showing off what they can do, to the fans. The NBA is forced to settle for less; less talent and less views.