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No Need to Wonder What Jackson Thinks of ‘Melo Anymore

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No Need to Wonder What Jackson Thinks of ‘Melo Anymore

If there was anyone that still had doubts about how Phil Jackson felt about Carmelo Anthony–no need to wonder anymore.  On Wednesday ESPN reported that the New York Knicks had contacted the Cleveland Cavs about a possible trade involving Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony.  The Cav’s supposedly sent out a “Not Interested” message when it came to dealing Kevin Love.

Why would the Cav’s be interested in dealing Love for ‘Melo?  This would in no way meet the needs that the Cav’s currently have.  They are in need of a back-up point guard, a big man or a defender and when it comes to defense we all know that it’s not one of Carmelo’s strong points.  Sure LeBron said he hoped the front office wasn’t satisfied with the roster they have now, but anyone who watches NBA knows that the answer doesn’t lie in Carmelo Anthony.

No Trade Clause

Let’s not forget that Anthony has a no trade clause in his contract and recently stated that he would consider waiving it for the right opportunity.  Again he was asked in an ESPN report about what he thought about all this trade talk.

“I mean, if they want to go in a different direction, that’s something that I have to consider. I would have to consider that. Like I said, all the talk that’s going on right now, that’s out of my control. Nobody called me. Nobody got in contact with any of my representation or anything like that, so it’s something that I don’t worry about. I’m not thinking about that right now.” 

So just to update you on the situation. First Carmelo said he would consider it, then he said he wanted to stay and now he says he would consider it again.  Yeah I know it is all a bit confusing trying to figure out what is going on in New York, but it looks like now the writing is on the wall for Anthony.  The Knicks are looking for takers and the question is– where could that be?

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Let me see, he could go to the——————–

Yeah that’s right I actually put some thought into it and the only logical landing spot for Anthony is located right where he currently sits.  ‘Melo is due to make $26.2 million next season with a player option for the 2018-19 season for 27.9 million.  That’s a big price tag and unless the Knicks would be willing to eat a majority of that contract, it is unlikely that he fits into anyone else’s plans.

One of the major problems with this entire situation is that it is being dealt with like two young dating teenagers talking on the phone.

-“No you hang up”

-“No I want you to hang up first”

Neither Anthony or Jackson wants to come out and just openly hang up the darn phone.

The bottom line is that ‘Melo has worn out his welcome with Phil Jackson and in Anthony’s case, he is not winning a championship anytime soon in New York.  The entire situation has grown tiresome for fans of the Knicks and it is time for someone to step in and end this call for them.  It is time for the Knicks to make a move and for Anthony to waive the no-trade clause and move on.

Who knows how this will end, but it’s time to end this—