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NXT Takeover: San Antonio results and analysis


The Lone Star state was the host to NXT’s most recent Takeover show in San Antonio, Texas; just a day before the Alamodome is expected to hold upwards of 40,000 rabid WWE fans for the 29th annual Royal Rumble event. Fans at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio saw 5 matches from the NXT brand in what was a great way to start out Royal Rumble weekend.


Eric Young defeats Tye Dillinger via Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker

Tye Dillinger’s music opens the show to a thunderous ovation as usual. The WWE universe is really getting behind Dillinger and it seems to be because of a certain number. (I believe it comes after nine though I can’t be too sure.)

Sanity’s music hits to surprisingly not much of a reaction. Not sure whether it was due to indifference or just the fact that E.Y. was Tye’s opponent for the night. Young is accompanied to the ring by Wolfe and Big Damo (newly named Killian Dain). They will be instrumental to the ending of the match.

Young tosses Dillinger the Sanity jacket once again before the match starts in a last attempt to make Tye join their side, but only to get the jacket thrown in his face and multiple punches to begin the match. Some good back and forth action towards the middle portion of the match when Tye is thrown to the outside and hit with a stiff looking cross-body from Dain.

Towards the latter end of the match, both Dain and Wolfe intervene in the match to try and get their hands on Tye, but both receive Tye-breakers for their troubles. Dillinger hits one on Young as well, only for Wolfe  to place Eric’s foot on the rope, breaking the count.

The numbers game would prove too much for Tye, as he gets distracted for a second, baseball sliding into Wolfe and Dain, leaving just enough time for Young to catch Tye as he tried to get back in the ring, and hit him with his nice Wheelbarrow like neckbreaker. That gets the three count and the win.

The result makes sense in the end, as Sanity is a remotely new group with some legitimacy needed. This win may not have been squeaky clean, but it shows the group is formidable together. The “Tye can’t win” storyline seems to still be in full effect as well, and we’ll see if we see “The Perfect Ten” on Sunday night.


Before the next match we see Samoa Joe sitting in the crowd watching the show. If fans had it their way, Joe would be in the Rumble Sunday night.


Roderick Strong defeats Andrade “Cien” Almas via Sick Kick

Almas comes out to a lukewarm reception. The pop may not be there, but boy has he looked great lately. His rather bland debut as a face may have stinted his start here in NXT, but his new-found change in attitude has definitely helped him stand out.

Strong gets a nice little pop, and was constantly supported throughout the match. His new theme song is some sort of power ballad, sounds like something from the beginning of a Queen song.

Some very good athleticism from both competitors in this match, there’s no doubting these two’s ability to go in the ring. Beginning of the match got very little response from the crowd, with only spatters of the crowd seeming very attentive for anything other than the big spots. Almas played the cocky persona well, especially when he catches himself on the ropes, or does the spot where he teases a bronco buster, only to slap Roddy in the face.

One spot that definitely got the arena buzzing was when Roddy used the turnbuckle for a modified back breaker, in a spot that looked real gnarly.

The crowd started feeling this match a little more after that move from Strong. Almas kept trying to go for the new Hammerlock DDT he’s been using throughout this match, but to no avail.

Following a bronco buster in the corner from Almas, he attempted aforementioned DDT, only to catch a knee in the face, and eventually a Sick Kick from the winner of this match, Roderick Strong.

Strong is just starting out, so a win was well needed, and well earned in a good match between two hot up-and-comers from NXT.


Authors of Pain defeat #DIY via The Last Chapter to win NXT Tag Team Championships

A nice promo video showing both the rise of Gargano and Ciampa, as well as the emergence of the Authors of Pain. Akam and Rezar have some nice new gear for the championship affair, looking something like the Shield. Some pushing and shoving even before the match starts, and it’s underway.

Rezar works over both Ciampa and Gargano before a brawl ensues and Gargano hits both Authors with suicide dives, taking control of the match. Or at least that was until Gargano got sent into the railing on the outside. The Authors are yelling many things into Johnny’s face but i’m not sure anyone knows what language it is. Gargano would get worked over by both Rezar and Akam until the latter would run himself into the outside post, allowing enough time to get the hot tag to the “Psycho Killer” himself.

Two huge German suplexes from Ciampa to both Authors had the crowd on its feet, a real feat of strength as Akam and Rezar are no small boys. The titles were nearly retained after a nice double spear from the ropes but Akam kicks out just in time.

AOP throws out Gargano and hits Ciampa with a nifty looking Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo, but only for a two count. After some exciting nearfalls from both teams, Ciampa and Gargano would both get their opponents in submission holds, just like how they beat The Revival for the titles in Toronto. Akam would take offense to this and slammed “Johnny Wrestling” right on top of Ciampa.

After some back and forth, it seemed as though DIY were going to hit their combo finisher in the middle, when the Authors caught them, slammed them into each other, and powerbombed the two of them. Ciampa would be brought up, and hit with The Last Chapter for the win, and your new Tag Team Champions, The Authors of Pain.

After what was a very good match, the fans won’t be happy with the result, but a great showing all around from both teams, and you have to wonder what comes next for DIY. Do they try to reclaim their titles? Do they move up to the main roster? Is their feud with The Revival even over? Much more to be seen from the NXT Tag Team division.


Seth Rollins takes over… Takeover

Following the match we get a shot of Watson, Graves, and Phillips at the desk, and just as they begin to discuss the next matches, out comes Seth Rollins in street clothes, and he looks pissed!

Show’s called Takeover right?! Well I’m taking this bitch over! The funny thing is, this is where it all started, and I know you are back there, you are watching this, you can see everything! So I am calling your ass out right now Triple H! You think I’m playing around?! This is not a game, you took my life from me, now get out here, because I’m not leaving this ring, until you come out here, and make me.

-Seth Rollins

Triple H would soon after come out, but if only to tease poor Rollins, and have him dispatched by security. Rollins got a few good hits in on the security, almost making his way to the entrance stage before being stopped by a barrage of security. What a segment! You want to get people talking about a potential matchup, this is how you build it up. More details about the feud are surely going to come at the Rumble, but this is sure sweet for tonight, and adds just a little spice in the feud that hadn’t been mentioned till Monday Night Raw, considering the events transpired in early September.


Asuka defeats Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, & Nikki Cross via Kick to retain NXT Women’s Championship

Out comes Nikki Cross first, however, unlike Eric Young earlier that night, she is alone and not joined by her compatriots from Sanity. Royce and Kay come out together, strangely enough, and they seem to be working as a tandem for this match. Asuka comes out rather quickly, she means business. The bell is rung and the co-main event is underway.

Billie and Peyton make way early on, and we get a tease at Cross and Asuka going at it until they come back in to hamper in their plans. This resulted in Asuka executing a nice double German suplex on the Australian duo. Finally Cross and Asuka square up, and Nikki takes the edge early on, including a Cross Rhodes from off the ring apron. Following a nice cross body from the top buckle out to floor on Kay and Royce, it looked like Cross would be in firm control. The action would eventually spill out towards the announce table up on the ramp, where Kay and Royce would suplex Cross into a table miles away from the ring!

They then use this opportunity to double-team on Asuka, which gets a very near fall from Royce off of a nice neckbreaker.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Asuka hits Royce with a swift kick to the face and gets the three fall for the win.

It felt as though the match was just about to turn into second gear when it ended. It was nice enough I suppose, but with a few more minutes and maybe one more good moment, this match could have been headed somewhere. Nikki Cross doesn’t get pinned, and it looks as if that may be the money match for the next Takeover in Orlando, where perhaps Asuka gets dethroned? Who’s to tell, it should be an exciting time for the meanwhile, as Asuka is still champ.


Following the match, it is announced that Triple H will host a Facebook Live Q&A session, and the new United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate is showed to be in the audience. But now it is time for the main event of the evening.


Bobby Roode defeats Shinsuke Nakamura via Glorious DDT to win NXT Championship

After a nice video package for the main event, out comes the Glorious one. Not only does he get a nice pop, but he gets escorted to the ring by a number of lovely ladies, looking as glorious as ever. Corey Graves couldn’t have gotten any more excited if he tried.

Out comes Nakamura though, and if you thought the pop for Roode was nice, the roof caved in for Shinsuke Nakamura, who rode to the ring on a strobe light platform, looking equal parts Michael Jackson and an exotic dancer. The crowd digged it though, a pretty cool entrance, and you gotta wonder what kind of entrance he could get on the grand stage of Wrestlemania if they let him get all these cool ones in these smaller arenas. Oh, and as an extra, the crowd finally got the cue for his “Yeaohh”, following months of Nakamura doing it to no noise.


The match is underway, and the crowd is probably 60-40 in favor of Nakamura. There’s a “This is Glorious” chant going on before much of anything has happened, it’s safe to say the crowd is into this one.

Slow methodical pace, not much to write about in the early going, but definitely some good work from the two in keeping the crowd engaged and interested in the match. Some knees in the corner from Shinsuke, as he trys to follow up, only to be toppled over the top rope down to the floor. Roode throws the champ into the stairs just for good measure.

Roode started controlling from here. Some writhing rest holds, some wicked stomps, and hard knees. Side note, Nakamura really has the crowd in his hands still, and you can tell he knows how to make the crowd care about him, as you could hear a kid crying at some point when Roode was in control.

Finally, Shinsuke gets back some offense, and hits the knee off the apron after a high knee from the outside. The action is back inside and now he’s raining down the knees. After what seemed to be a comeback from Roode, Nakamura hits him with the high knee against the top turnbuckle. He gets ready for a Kinshasa, but Roode plays dead until he can get a schoolboy in for a near count. A nice spine buster also earned a two count for Roode, and now he’s really rolling.

Nakamura nearly hits a Kinshasa, and Roode nearly gets the dirty pin. Some hard chops in the corner from Roode, but Shinsuke wants more, and nearly gets an arm-lock set in.

Roode is dazed on the floor, and Nakamura hits him with a sliding knee for a near fall. Roode slides to the outside thinking he’s safe, but eats a knee, although Shinsuke might have injured himself in the process. He hits a Kinshasa on Bobby in the ring, but his knee won’t allow him to get up, he’s surely hurt.

Medical staff are even called in to sell the injury, as we can see him being tended to on the outside. The medical staff seems to be pleading to Shinsuke, but he urges that he can fight on. He crawls back into the ring, and is immediately met by a Glorious DDT for a two count that even got me, I thought it was done. But Roode doesn’t waste any time and goes back to the knee with a half crab that looks devastating through Shinsuke’s eyes. Head Trainer Matt Bloom comes out with concern, and GM William Regal makes his way down as well as they consider stopping the match to spare Nakamura any more pain. He does well however to fight his way into a triangle choke but Roode wiggles out of it and hits one more Glorious DDT for the win to become the new NXT Champion.


Wow. What a main event. Your new NXT Champion is Bobby Roode. An amazing match that told a beautiful story and made Roode even more of a star than he was before. Shinsuke may have lost the title, but it was his knee who let him down and not his skill. There will surely be another match in the cards down the line between these two I’m sure, but what a main event to an overall good show.

With this injury angle being played perhaps we won’t see Shinsuke in the Rumble Sunday as some have predicted, but nontheless, it was a great start to the weekend, and a nice appetizer for the big event to come on Sunday, where the Royal Rumble will be live from the Alamodome in San Antonio. Show time is 6 pm EST/ 4 pm PST Sunday night.


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