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The Heat is On in Miami

Miami Heat Win Streak Demetrius Toban/ via Flickr


The Heat is On in Miami

What do the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat have in common?  You might be thinking not much at all.  However on Wednesday night they joined the Warriors as the only other team in the NBA with a 12 game winning streak this season.

To say the Heat got off to a slow start would be an understatement.  Heading into their game on January 17th the Heat had a record of 11 wins and 30 losses.  No one would have dreamed that they would be in any talks as the hottest team in the NBA.

However as of Wednesday night there is no denying that the Heat are turning things around after winning their 12th straight game.  They currently find themselves sitting in the 11th spot in the Eastern conference, but creeping up on the teams ahead of them.  They are 1.5 games behind the Charlotte Hornets, 2 games behind the Detroit Pistons and just 3.5 games behind the Chicago Bulls which currently hold the 8th playoff spot.

Coach Erik Spoelstra was asked to explain this sudden improvement and just like any good coach would do, he danced around the topic.

“It’s more about a group of players coming together to form an identity as a team and embrace each other, embrace a culture, embrace defending with a purpose,” he said. “It takes a great deal of commitment and effort. But this group showed that even during December. said Spoelstra

“And we saw that this group was building habits even through some of the losses. And that’s why our mindset is not going to change right now. It’s not about the wins or the streak or any of that. It’s about trying to get better.”

If he claims it’s about getting better then it seems to be also leading to wins.  Which the players weren’t afraid to talk about.

“Every time you win, you feel great,” Dragic said. “It’s not like we talked before the game about making it 12, or after about 13, but it is not easy to do this.”


With their 12 game win streak they were able to accomplish an NBA record.  They set a record for the longest winning streak while still holding a losing record, with the Heat now 23-30.  So even though it is exciting to see this team making such a run, they still have ways to go if they want to compete in the Eastern conference.

The Heat will face the Brooklyn Nets on Friday as they look to extend their streak to 13.

It’s getting interesting in Miami.