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TSJ101 Opinion: About the Enzo Amore/Philomena Sheahan Mess…

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TSJ101 Opinion: About the Enzo Amore/Philomena Sheahan Mess…

This is an article that was written over a month ago on my Steemit page. An article that was meant to be shared here, however, it wasn’t. So, here it is, my opinion on Enzo Amore; someone who I gave praise to when it came to the WWE Cruiserweight Division. Feel free to share your opinions down below in the comments section. Thank you for taking your time in reading this piece.

Alright, so I know that there are a lot of people who have their opinions on pro wrestling and sports-entertainment, and such, and that is alright. But, you know when things like what has come up this past week come up, it makes it harder, for essentially… Everyone.

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If you pay attention to wrestling, or to sites like TMZ, then you know what I’m about to go into. I’m talking about the guy mentioned in the title, Enzo Amore, real name Eric Arndt. So this guy must have pissed off a voodoo priest or something; because to say that he has had more heat than pressure cooker thrown into a volcano would be an understatement.

The Accusations:

So, for those who don’t know, he was recently accused of rape by someone who is popular on YouTube, Twitter and SnapChat. A woman by the name of Philomena Sheahan, who goes by the name of @MissGucciWitch on Twitter, posted up the allegations two days ago; months after the alleged assault. Sheahan claimed that Amore, along with the assistance of two other popular Twitter personalities, had led to the assault by drugging her.

She stated that she wanted to get to know Amore, but, when the other two left, and Amore and she were left alone, he didn’t want to just get to know her.

She said she was then assaulted. Absolutely terrible.

Now, here is the thing that I think might hurt her case, should it go to trial:

She has a history and a record.

She has a history of drug use.

Sheahan has a history of manipulating people; in fact, one of her videos on YouTube is of her telling a tale in which she faked a pregnancy just to mess with an ex-boyfriend, who she also claims raped her. Now if it is true, then that is horrible; but, if he really didn’t do that, then it brings her character into question.

The Videos:

Video of the faked pregnancy:

Another thing that would definitely hurt her case is that a former friend of her’s claimed to have proof that her accusations are false.

Sam Cook, the former best friend of Ms. Sheahan, posted a video on his YouTube channel that contradicts her story and shows a text conversation that happened on the night in question. Looking at some of the responses from her, it does raise some red flags.

Now, as someone who has friends who have been assaulted sexually, I want to give this woman the benefit of the doubt, I do not want to be that one who can be accused of victim blaming. However, when you have evidence that counters someone’s claims, it makes it a sticky situation. Although, in speaking with a friend of mine about the situation, he did bring up a good point.

The Point?

What if she was told to act normal about it? What if she was threatened to keep shut? I mean, it is possible, it could have happened like that. It is quite possible that she was threatened to keep quiet, to act normal. But, then again, if you go based on what her ex-friend has shown, she not only is making the whole thing up but, she also needs to seek help.

Enzo Amore, in the meantime, has sought legal counsel after being first suspended by the WWE; he was then released by the company. Thing is, his firing is actually HIS fault. Reason? Because the WWE, like everyone else, found out when Sheahan decided to speak on the situation over Twitter, rather than him going to tell officials once he found out that there was an investigation going on.

He could have just been on suspension as of this time if he would have just told officials what was going on.

Unfortunately, if Enzo Amore is found innocent, I don’t think he’ll return. I mean, would you want to go back to a place where you already had heat with your co-workers? Bad heat? I don’t know if he will, but, I do hope that the truth, whatever it may be, comes to the light.

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