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Wes Brisco Claims The Shield is an Imitation

Wes Brisco makes bold claim about The Shield Mike Kalasnik, via Flickr

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Wes Brisco Says ‘The Shield’ Was Inspired by Aces & Eights

Son of Gerald Brisco, Wes Brisco was interviewed by Chris Featherstone on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show. The former Impact Wrestling star noted that WWE‘s The Shield trio was created because of Impact’s Aces & Eights stable.

Wes was one of the many members of Aces & Eights. His tenure with Impact Wrestling lasted from the Autumn of 2012 to the Winter of 2014.

Brisco notes a couple of similarities between the two parallel groups, such as their similar masks and entrances.

Wes Brisco said,

Because if you look at it, that’s what started The Shield; because of us. If you really look at it, we started before The Shield even came through the crowd, we had the mask on. Basically, [they did] the exact same thing.

Aces & Eights debuted on television, in June 2012. Whereas, The Shield debuted the following November.

Brisco notes how passionate him and his fellow members of the (kayfabe) outlaw biker gang was about their team,

All those guys that we were together with, we stuck together, we hung out together, we were together. I mean, we took this [seriously]. We wanted to be very successful. We wanted to treat it like it was our baby, our opportunity to set an example, and [to] create something totally different.

Other Wes Brisco News

Wes Brisco would then go onto wrestle for New Japan Pro-Wrestling, following his Impact release.

The 2012 TNA Gut Check winner also noted why the stable ended and if the tryout program, Gut Check was real or scripted.

What happened [with Aces & Eights] was, they hired two new writers. The other writers got fired, and they hired a bunch of new people and the new people in charge didn’t want any script or anything to do with the other writers. So those in control scratched everything. That’s why it kind of just ended.

[Gut Check was] Half and half. If I didn’t do really well, they wouldn’t have gone with me at all. They were like, [if you didn’t do well], that would kind of destroy you. You better shine because we have all these other people waiting that are super talented. So, you better step it up because if you don’t, we’re not gonna use you.

Brisco is a former tag team champion with Xavier Woods (of 2010), in the former WWE developmental branch, FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling).

Since leaving NJPW in 2014, Brisco has been wrestling in the indies of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Writer’s Thoughts

I personally don’t believe Wes Brisco’s theory.

Nonetheless, there are some striking similarities between Aces & Eights and The Shield.

Please feel free to comment below and tell me your thoughts instead!

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