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Stephanie McMahon Hinting at Sale of WWE?

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Stephanie McMahon Hinting at Sale of WWE?

Stephanie McMahon, who currently serves as the company’s Chief Brand Officer, made headlines this past week. Of course, it’s not the usual type, where she talks about Connor’s Cure or the Women’s Revolution. Instead, the RAW commissioner has been quoted in Bloomberg Buisnessweek about the potential sale of the WWE.

In regards to selling the company, she stated:

“We’ve certainly thought about it. It would be foolish not to.”

Of course, the McMahon family has dominated the wrestling industry for decades. Media giants like Disney, FOX, and Verizon have all expressed interest in the company. So, could the WWE be looking to sell out?

So, the WWE is Selling Out, Right?

Unlikely. It seems that Stephanie McMahon was more or less hinting that they were interested in collaborating with one of those media outlets. After all, the WWE is slowly beginning to shift towards a more tech-savvy platform. We’ve seen the traditional pay-per-views disappear. Now, the WWE Network has taken place of those completely. Even the inter-gender mixed matches have been taking place solely on Facebook, which looks like they’re just further exploring other platforms.

It is no secret that cable television in general is slowly dwindling, and so is the viewership for the product. Those two things have correlation, without a doubt.

Ashley Sweetly Writes

But, let’s just say the WWE does sell off their company. Would it be a good thing?

Well, maybe. Depending on which company overtakes it. Take Disney, for example. When they bought out the Star Wars franchise, it was even more huge than it had been. They were able to pump tons of money into the market, creating movies with a blank check.  Surely, they could do fantastic production in that sense.

But, it should be pointed out that if the WWE would be sold to Disney, the hopes of a TV-14 reboot is extremely unlikely.

What do you guys think? Should the WWE let a huge company take them over? Or, should they simply try to collaborate with a media giant to give them an extra boost?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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