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TSJ Writer’s review on WWE Universal Championship Title Belt.

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Universal Championship

Universal Championship was created, in honor of the WWE Universe, for WWE Raw brand on July 25, 2016; meanwhile, the historic original WWE Heavyweight Championship is on SmackDown Live brand. Its creation came as a result of the re-introduction of the brand extension.

Only 4 wrestlers that held this title:

The first ever inaugural Universal Champion was Finn Bálor, but was forced to vacate the title due to suffering a legitimate injury. While Brock Lesnar has the longest reign at 332+ days; Kevin Owens is the youngest champion, winning the title at 32 years old; while Goldberg is the oldest when he won it at 50. So the title has only one legend that holds it, but the original has countless legends. Though some fans will say the title is still young, why can’t they bring back the WCW World Championship Belt, and just renamed it if they wanted to?

Will the title be more unpopular once Reigns holds it?

It’s no surprise that the fifth title holder will be Roman Reigns! And fans have foreseen it from miles away. Even WWE is trying to make Brock Lesnar look bad on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago, Reigns giving a “shoot” promo about how Lesnar was disrespecting the title, guys in the back, and the fans. It all seems like the fans are finally behind Reigns, and the WWE creative team finally gets the job done; but I can bet all will comes to an end at Wrestlemania 34 after Reigns beats Lesnar with or without the help of Paul Heyman; unless Reigns turns heel.

But I (the writer) personally think that Reigns is still not THE GUY to carry WWE to the next era; most will agree that the person who should be champion is Braun Strowman.

Universal Championship: Writer’s View…

After Reigns wins the title, I think WWE is going to make him feud with Bobby Lesley or Samoa Joe. Braun Strowman is likely to feud with Elias, that will slowly hurt the monster among men’s momentum, and he will just become another Big Show (a giant but even a 5 footer can beat him).

And don’t expect Vince Mcmahon letting Reigns lose the title too quickly. And Strowman can’t afford to lose to Reigns again since he recently lost in the elimination chamber.

So who should Reigns feud with?

It’s none other than the returning Jeff Hardy, aka Brother Nero. Think about it, Jeff winning the title can make Woken Matt Hardy BROKEN. Turning on his Brother Nero that leads to a new feud, and Wyatt can be part of that feud too.

What about the Monster among Men?

We all knew that he will be feuding with The Miz because WWE still doesn’t want him beating the Golden Boy as soon as he wins the title. Or the most likely scenario might be Strowman being drafted to SmackdownLive; or maybe Reigns taking the title with him to team blue.

So brace yourself to see Reigns as your Universal Champion for a long time!

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