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Tha Sports Junkies 101® is a comprehensive sports news website, featuring breaking sports news and objective analysis pertaining to the lives of sports figures, analysts, and their affiliates. TSJ Sports launched in April of 2013, and since that time has grown a very strong following.

Our hope is to keep our readers and the general public informed of breaking sports news and giving incite on current sports topics with opinions from our staff. While TSJ Sports is an up-and-coming media site, our journalistic professionalism is top notch and rivals well-established media outlets.

Our mission: To give writers new to the industry the opportunity to work directly with major outlets, sports teams, and players. Doing this all while building their name, credibility, and portfolio under an accredited platform.

Our company was formed as a Philadelphia local outlet and has since branched into a much larger audience. Our writers range from coast to coast and our followers are worldwide. Boasting 11 websites on the TSJ Sports Network, we are able to truly give each fan a great experience. Our motto, “Where Sports Meets Common Sense™” truly describes our website best. We are here to give you great information directly from teams and players. Not click bait.

We have also taken it a step further to help our followers get a little more involved with our incorporation of “TSJ Sports Radio“. Our followers can visit every Thursday from 7:30 – 9:00 pm to hear Rob Langi on The Madness. Listeners can call in and add to the conversation by dialing 516-531-9817 when the shows are on air. And if you just want to hear what our hosts have to say about current topics, subscribe to our show on almost a podcast platform by searching “TSJ Sports“.

We invite you to listen to our voices as we continue to take the sports news media world by storm and bring the dream of co-owners William Valentine and Greg Kennedy, to fruition.

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