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Where To Watch The Mayweather VS McGregor Fight

How To Watch The Mayweather VS McGregor Fight John Rider / Flickr

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Where To Watch The Mayweather VS McGregor Fight

Everyone around the world has heard about the upcoming fight between UFC Champion, Connor McGregor and Undefeated Boxing Champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. Yet, here we are the day of the fight and people are asking “Where To Watch The Mayweather VS McGregor Fight”. Well, we have broken down your options. Everyone is well aware that you are able to purchase the fight from your cable provider, but there are a few alternatives.

On your computer

As you can expect, streaming is almost always an option nowadays. Both, ShowTime and UFC will offer paid streams available for your view pleasure.

Game Consoles and Smart TV’s

Like never, game consoles and smart TV’s are now a come household item. Because of this, there is a new avenue of marketing and viewers for prime time events to reach. Furthermore, Xbox One, Playstation4, Apple TV, Slingbox, among other outlets will all have streams accessible.


Obviously, you can head to somewhere like Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, and any local establishment that will be showing the fight. Just be very prepared for long waits at the bar, a crowded house, and of course, a hefty cover charge.

Movie Theater

Yeah, you read that right! This fight is drawing some major buzz and select theaters around the nation are actually selling tickets to view the fight on the big screen. You can check if there is a theater near you by searching Fathom Events.