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White Sox Prospects Off-Season Report

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White Sox Prospects Off-Season Report

With the 2017 White Sox season showcasing what the future could have to offer, it was an exciting season for the fans. With impressive prospects such as Lucas Giolito, Yoan Moncada, and Carson Fulmer, among others, the White Sox future seems bright. However, there is much more to offer. The White Sox still have 6 players in the top 100 list and many other intriguing prospects waiting in the wings. Here is your Chicago White Sox prospects off-season report.

White Sox Prospects Off-Season Report: Pitching

Micheal Kopech

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Right-handed pitcher Michael Kopech is currently ranked 9th on the top 100 prospects list. He is also the number 1 right-handed pitching prospect in baseball. Kopech had an extremely impressive second half last season, which resulted in him getting promoted to Triple-A Charlotte.

His fastball can top 100 MPH consistently and definitely helped his numbers last season. Kopech finished the year with a 9-8 record, 172 strikeouts, and 65 walks over 134.1 innings (between Double-A and Triple-A). Look for Kopech to get the call-up to the major league club at some point next season. He is currently the White Sox 2nd best prospect.

Dylan Cease

Cease came over in the Jose Quintana trade. He is ranked 57th on the top 100 list and the White Sox 5th best prospect. Although his record with Kannapolis last season was not good, he did show some upside. Cease posted an 0-8 record, but he had a solid 3.89 ERA with Kannapolis. In 9 games, he pitched 41.2 innings, had 52 strikeouts and kept opposing hitters to a .229 AVG.

Although the record looks bad, the future is bright for Cease. However, whether he joins the major league team as a starter or reliever is anyone’s guess. Look for Cease to get the call up sometime in 2019.

Alec Hansen

Alec Hansen absolutely shined in 2017. The right-hander lead the minors in strikeouts with 191. Hansen broke into the top 100 prospects list mid-season and is currently ranked at 90. He has an impressive pitch arsenal consisting of a fastball, slider, curveball, and changeup.

Hansen posted an 11-8 record with 191 strikeouts and 51 walks over 141.1 innings pitched. His improved control of his secondary pitches showed strong development last season. He was able to move up to Double-A Birmingham at the end of the season. However, Hansen could be called up at some point in 2019, if not at the end of the 2018 season.

Dane Dunning

Dane Dunning was acquired in the Adam Eaton trade and is the White Sox 8th best prospect. The White Sox seem to have landed another breakthrough prospect in Dunning. He posted an 8-8 record with 168 strikeouts over 144 innings pitched. His pitch repertoire consists of a fastball, slider, and changeup.

The White Sox will likely call him to Double-A Birmingham in 2018. More importantly, that will put Dunning on track to make it to the majors at some point in 2019. However, he could end up in the bullpen when he makes it to the majors. It is also likely that Dunning could break into the top 100 prospects list next season.

Zack Burdi

Zack Burdi moved quickly through the minors in 2016 and was expected to make the major league roster in 2017. Those dreams were cut short when Burdi went down with a UCL tear in 2017. His start to the season in Triple-A was average, but his struggles can be attributed to the UCL tear and shoulder discomfort.

The White Sox 12th best prospect is a fireballer. His fastball can consistently hit 100 MPH and has reached as high as 102. After Tommy John surgery his fastball could gain a MPH or two, which is scary for opposing hitters. Burdi will continue to develop his control in 2018. The White Sox project him to be a future closer, so, look for him to receive the call-up at the end of 2018, or to start the 2019 season.

White Sox Prospects Off-Season Report: Position Players

Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jimenez had an extremely impressive 2017 season. Jimenez is ranked 4th on the top 100 list and is the 2nd best outfield prospect. Jimenez posted a .312 AVG with 19 homers, 104 hits, and 35 walks over 333 at-bats in the minors. Since being traded in the Jose Quintana deal, Jimenez really turned up his production.

He moved up to Double-A Birmingham and in just his second at-bat, launched a home run over the right-field wall. Although his speed is not as impressive as Moncada’s, he has drawn many comparisons to Moncada in other aspects of his game. His future looks promising. He will likely be called up to the majors at some point in 2019.

Luis Robert

Luis Robert joined the Sox organization last season after being signed out of the Dominican Republic. The 22nd prospect on the top 100 list finished the season in the Rookie League with the DSL White Sox. Although it is a limited sample size, he hit .310 with 3 homers and 26 hits in 84 plate appearances.

He has impressive speed, good contact, and a good amount of pop. Even though he is currently ranked 22nd, on the top 100 list, he is likely to move further up when the updated list comes out. He is another White Sox player with an extremely bright future. Robert is a bit further away than most of the Sox prospects, so he will likely make the major league roster around 2020.

Blake Rutherford

The centerpiece of the Fraizer/Robertson trade, Rutherford is ranked 39th on the top 100 list, and is the White Sox 4th best prospect. His prospect grades show him being a good all-around player with strong contact and power. However, Rutherford has yet to show much power. Over 396 at-bats in the minors last year he only hit 2 homers and 25 doubles.

Although that seems bad, he is only 20 years old and has yet to fully develop his raw talent. He could make a big leap next season and prove the scouts correct. Rutherford is also a bit further behind in development so he will likely make the major league roster at some point in 2020.

Zack Collins

Zack Collins is the White Sox 7th ranked prospect and was drafted in the 1st round of the 2016 draft. Collins got the call up to Double-A Birmingham at the same time Eloy Jimenez did, after having an impressive second half. His defense has improved a lot behind the plate. His arm strength has improved as well, and he has shown the ability to throw out potential base stealers from his knees.

Collins’ hitting still leaves something to be desired. He hit for a .224 AVG with 19 home runs, 20 doubles, and 87 walks. Collins clearly has the power and a very developed eye, but his contact numbers need to be improved. Working with the team in Double-A should help him improve upon those numbers. He could move back into the top 100 prospects list when the updated list comes out. Although he may get called up at the end of 2018, 2019 seems more likely.

Jake Burger

Jake Burger was the White Sox 1st pick in the 2017 draft. He has a good amount of power and solid speed. Burger also has an impressive arm and good fielding mechanics. Like Rutherford, his scout numbers show that he is a solid all-around player. With Single-A Kannapolis, he posted an average of .271 with 4 homers and 27 RBIs over 181 at bats.

Burger has drawn comparisons to Hunter Pence for being able to play well in all aspects of the game. His impressive power and good range at third base should help him move through the minors. He will likely be called up at some point in 2020. Burger is also another strong candidate to move into the updated top 100 prospects list.

White Sox Prospects Off-Season Report Recap

Although the White Sox have some young talent already in the majors, much of the talent they have recently acquired is still in the minors. As shown by this White Sox prospects off-season report, the front office has put the team in a great position to be successful in the future.

So, will Rick Hahn try to flip some more veterans for more prospects? Or, will he look to sign a veteran to a long-term deal? Only time will tell, but either way, the White Sox have a bright future. That concludes your White Sox prospects off-season report.