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Cleveland’s Roster Failing to Stay Healthy

Cleveland's Roster Brittany Chay via


          Cleveland’s Roster Failing to Stay Healthy 

Cleveland’s roster can’t catch a break when it comes to maintaining health and consistency. Even though we are well into the 2017 campaign and injuries are inevitable, it appears a healthy lineup is the tribes biggest threat. Salazar, Kipnis, Miller, and Santana were all placed on the DL within the past two days. Although none of these injuries seem excessive, it still impacts the tribe heavily since this is a critical time in the season. On top of those already mentioned, Cleveland is still dealing with the loss of Michael Brantely and Lonnie Chisenhall. Even with the trade of Jay Bruce, the absence in Cleveland’s production at the plate is noticeable. It seems the tribe biggest opponent this year is once again, themselves.

                                Deja Vu

With everything said, the tribe still sits at a comfortable 4.5 game lead in the AL central. The team itself is still very much capable of capturing back to back Central titles regardless of the constant injuries. This is no where near a game changer in the Central as long as Cleveland can play a little over .500 ball the rest of the year. These on going problems will possibly start to show in the likely postseason however. I believe the depth of Cleveland’s roster last year was one of the reasons they couldn’t finish the 2016 World Series as winners. With injuries to Bauer, Salazar, and Carrassco, the tribe just ran out of quality starts. This is what I believe to be the cause of not being able to get the final win of the season. Tribe fans are hoping these similar problems won’t be their downfall once again.


                           The Postseason

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 100 times, Cleveland’s chances of having another unforgettable postseason is still a very high possibility. They faced this same exact roadblock last year and still managed to battle till the last game of the year. This is a team that thrives under pressure. They always seem to play their best when they are down to their last strike. The amount of clutch hits and come from behind wins this season is baffling. I still believe they are the team the beat in the AL even if their record may not show it. This club is young, hungry, and dedicated to correct the mistakes from last year and emerge on top.