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A Season To Remember! Indians Finish 1st Place in AL

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A Season To Remember! Indians Finish 1st Place in AL

Regardless of what happens throughout the postseason, you simply cannot deny the level of intensity, excitement, and pure enjoyment the Indians have offered in the 2017 season. With this long season ending with a victory at home, the Tribe finished with 102-60 record. The 102 win campaign marks only the 3rd time Cleveland has won 100+ games. Now the Indians Finish 1st in the AL and will hold home field throughout the AL playoffs. In many eyes, this is exactly where the Tribe was projected to be. With a fully healthy roster and the addition of Edwin Encarnacion, Cleveland, in the end, lived up to the hype. Unfortunately, the ultimate goal is far from over.

What to Expect?

It’s no surprise the Indians have been favored by many to be 2017 World Series Champions. Their season record is enough to show why this is the case. However, we all know what the playoffs are really about. Postseason baseball comes down to who is better prepared for their opponent and who plays better in that moment. A lot still remains in the air for the Indians as of right now. Since Cleveland will play the winner of the AL wild card, their opponent is still to be named. On top of that, the ALDS rotation has not been made clear by Tribe manager Terry Francona. Never the less, the Indians will face off against the Twins or the Yankees.

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Remembering The 2017 Season

To call the 2017 season remarkable would be an understatement. If you think back to early on, the Tribe once sat with a 31-31 record. Questions started to be raised about their performance and when this team was eventually going to take off. Even up till the All-Star break, Cleveland seemed to be taking 3 steps forward and 2 steps back. The Indians didn’t hold a steady lead in the AL Central until mid-August with a 5.5 game lead on the 16th of the month. Cleveland eventually took flight on August 24 where their miraculous 22 game win streak would stretch until September 14th. This was the definitive moment throughout the 2017 season that showed us this is going to be the team to beat come October. Ever since August 24th, this club has been playoff ready.

ALDS Game 1

Tribe fans will have to wait until Tuesday night to see who they will be matched up against come Thursday. Home field advantage will place games 1&2 at Progressive Field and you can only imagine the energy and excitement that’ll be racing throughout the corner of Carnegie and Ontario.

Another season complete and The Indians finish 1st in the AL. The Tribe finishes the 2017 season with a 102-60 record and their journey is far from over.