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Taste of Postseason: Indians VS Red Sox



Taste of Postseason: Indians vs Red Sox

Monday night’s game between the Indians and Red Sox was a great representation of what we can expect in the postseason. The two clubs are both at a crucial point in their season and every win matters. Although the Indians took a 7-3 win Monday night, the Sox still took the series from the Tribe. Since the two clubs meet in a 4 game series later this month, the fight between these two playoff contending teams is far from over. The reason why these games matter so much to each side is simple, if the Tribe and Sox both win their divisions, they will once again play one another in the ALDS.

The Match-up

Since it’s almost certain the Astros, who hold a comfortable 11.5 game lead in the West, will have the best record in the AL by the season’s conclusion, the winners of the East and Central will meet once again in the first round of the playoffs. As already discussed, it appears the two teams who will earn those spots are the Indians and Red Sox. This should sound familiar since we saw the very same thing last year in the ALDS. Although that series ended with a sweep by the underdog Indians, this year could be a very different story. The winner of this possible match up is still very much undecided in my opinion. The two contending teams both have many weapons in their arsenals that prove them to be explosive and dangerous.

The current series we just witnessed showed us the level of the excitement this year ALDS could have. Although last year’s ALDS was full of thrill, this year’s can be just as heart-wrenching. The standout of the series was easily game 2. Even with the Tribe up early with a 5-0 lead, it didn’t stop the Red Sox. The 3-hour game consisted of multiple home runs, constant lead changes, and a great conclusion. Not to mention, Austin Jackson’s amazing catch. The final score ended up being 12-10 Red Sox. That game immediately reminded me of the potential greatness this year’s ALDS could possess.

Postseason Prediction

Like I stated earlier, the winner of this predicted match up is impossible to tell. The two sides both have playoff experience, talent, and hunger. It seems as long as both ball clubs continue to play solid and consistent, they will have the chance to compete against one another. The Red Sox want redemption against Cleveland for ending their 2016 season early. The Tribe wants to prove they can bring a World Series to their city. With both teams having a great motivation and lots of desire, it should be a breathtaking series at the very least.