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Trouble Brewing For Cleveland?

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Trouble Brewing For Cleveland?

The Cleveland Indians 2017 season has been unstable and unpredictable to say the least. Even with a 4.5 game lead over the Minnesota Twins as of August 12th for first place in the AL Central, it seems on paper the tribe should have had a comfortable double digit lead by this point in the campaign. The reason for this unpredictable chain of events can be partially due to the same roadblocks they ran into last year, injuries. Although the degree of severity is not as high as it was last year with the length of injuries, it’s hard not to notice the team never really being at a full 100% when it comes to their roster.


As of now, the notable absences over the course of the year have been Salazar’s multiple missing starts before the All Star Break, Kipnis missing a good chunk of the early season, Lonnie Chisenhall’s inability to stay consistent, and now, Michael Brantely’s return to his familiar spot on the DL. Another less severe candidate is Andrew Miller, who is “making progress” according to Indians manager Terry Francona . Although a time frame has not been given for Miller’s return, it doesn’t seem like he will miss substantial time.  However, none of these injuries have been fatal. All players minus a few, (Cody Anderson and Boone Logan) have reasonable time frames that have them expected to return by the end of the season and the possible postseason

Brantely Injury

                                 Team Chemistry

The flow of chemistry within the team could also play a part in the multiple speed bumps this year. For example, the constant injuries require prospects like Bradley Zimmer and Giovanny Urshela to step up and become everyday players. Although both these players have proven to contribute significantly, the constant playing time can take a toll. Austin Jackson and Brandon Guyer have also shared injuries for portions of the season and now with Michael Brantely on the DL, it seems consistency is not coming anytime soon. Factors like inconsistency within the lineup can have a huge impact on chemistry and overall morale. An unstable roster that is constantly changing can be difficult to manage. If you’ve wondered why it seems the Tribe’s season has been two steps forward one back, this may be your reason.

                              Long Term Prediction

So what does this mean for the long term? Even in regards to injuries and stability, Cleveland is loaded with talent. Players like Jose Ramirez and Edwin Encarnacion help in carrying the weight. The blueprint is there for Cleveland to reach the World Series once again. A dominant pitching staff has always been the Tribe’s strong suit and this year is no different. If Cleveland’s offence can get hot and stay that way, it’s light out for the Central. I have no doubt that come October time, the tribe will be victorious in the division. The amount of young and older talent flowing within the team seems to gel very well, when they are healthy.