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Boston’s Small Lead In The East

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Boston’s Small Lead In The East

After a tough loss to the Blue Jays the other day, the Red Sox lead in the division grows even smaller than it already is. Boston’s small lead only has them 2.5 games ahead of the New York Yankees in the East, the Red Sox are surely giving us some nail biting moments this late into the season. Even though we rather avoid all the high drama situations, it’s good for the game of Baseball, and baseball could really use some high leverage situation games. The Yankees are currently on a 3 game win streak.



New York Schedule

The Yankees with less than a month left to play in the regular season, they don’t have much of an obstacle to overcome in the teams they will face. Playing two more series against a struggling Baltimore team, them right after that go to Texas to play the Rangers. Who isn’t doing any better than the Orioles have this season. The rest of their schedule is filled up by two series against the Rays, one series against the Twins, then two more series against the last place. The Sox are going to have little room for error if they want to win the division.


Red Sox schedule

Having a tougher schedule, the only reason being the Sox have to face the Astros to end the season. For the most part, the Sox are playing a lot of the same teams as the Yanks. Going up against teams such as Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Toronto. So, really its anyone’s division. Although more so than less, it’s the Red Sox division to lose. Too bad neither of these teams face each other again in the regular season. That sure would be a sight to see, if the race got a .5 game between the two. So, lets pray that the Sox can keep this 2.5 game lead they have in the division. Then go and dominate the postseason like we know our Red Sox can.