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Giancarlo Stanton Trade To The Red Sox?

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Giancarlo Stanton Trade To The Red Sox?

With many high-end sluggers on the market this offseason, and how poorly the Sox produced in the power department in 2017 is a Giancarlo Stanton trade to the Red Sox plausible? It would make a lot of sense for them to push for outfield slugger, Giancarlo Stanton. Yes, he may be an outfielder, and a right fielder to be specific. However, I don’t think the Sox would mind moving Mookie Betts to center, to accommodate for Stanton. He could bring an element to this team that was lost the second David Ortiz announced his retirement. So, let’s hope the price is right for Giancarlo Stanton, who could make the Sox an unstoppable force.


Giancarlo Stanton 2017 stats

Many of us toward the end of the season believed that Stanton was going to break the single-season home run record. Although he wasn’t able to accomplish the feat, he still put up fantastic numbers. That landed him a spot for N.L. MVP talk hitting a whopping 59 home runs in 597 plate appearances. Which ultimately equals out to a home run every 10 at bats. Not to mention his stable .281 average, compiling 168 hits on the season. He could also help the Sox in the RBI department, with his 132 RBIs led the league. There is no doubt the Red Sox are a fantastic base hitting team, with little to no power to support. It would be a hefty pickup, but it should be worth the payout.


The trade

As we all know a player like Giancarlo Stanton doesn’t come cheap, especially after hitting 59 home runs. The Marlins do need one spot critically in the field that the Red Sox could help them with. Short Stop for the Marlins has been a question mark all season, not having that defining guy at the hot spot. Xander Bogaerts could be someone that could help propel a trade to be made in the Red Sox favor. Of course, then they may have to do some more looking for a fill-in shortstop until they can find someone else to fill the hole. At the end of the day, A Giancarlo Stanton trade can help out the Sox in the power department. More than Bogaerts can with his defense at second and above average contact hitting.


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