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J.D. Martinez Joins The Red Sox

J.D. Martinez joins the Red Sox Nazrul Islam - Via - Flickr


J.D. Martinez Joins The Red Sox

After what seemed to be a long and suspenseful offseason for J.D. Martinez one of the top hitting outfielders in the league. Finally finding a home for the upcoming season, J.D. Martinez joins the Red Sox on a 5-year deal worth $110 million. Making 50 million in the first two years, and has an opt-out after the second season. Although with the power Martinez brings to the plate, it could be just what the Red Sox have been looking for since Ortiz retired. So lets dive into the trade and what it means for the Red Sox moving forward.

J.D. Martinez

After having a stellar regular season for the Diamondbacks, Martinez took his excellent defense and big bat to the free agency market. Although he did sit for the majority of the offseason he did get his worth. Now on a team that could really use a big home run guy, J.D. could be the starting point this offense needs.

It’s hard to fill the shoes of such a prominent power hitter, but Martinez showed us all last year that he is more than capable of hitting a few home runs. With a slash line of .303/.376/.690 with 45 home runs and 104 RBIs, it’s hard to imagine a player like that sitting in the Free Agency market for so long.


J.D. and the Red Sox

The Red Sox have been a good team this past couple of years, but have been missing the one key component that can make them a completely different team. The component is a consistent power hitter, that can put crooked numbers up on the board. After finishing 27th in the league in home runs and 26th in the league in slugging, the Red Sox were in need of a power hitter and bad.

In 2017 the most home runs hit by a Red Sox was 24 by Mookie Betts, now that’s not going to get you anywhere if the most you can get is 24. In 2017 the Red Sox finished 12th in the league in AVG, 8th in the league in hits and 11th in the league in OBP. Now with those numbers in front of you, a guy like Martinez who can add an additional 100+ hits and an OBP close to .400. Could really give this offense the boost they need to make a deep playoff run. So, J.D. Martinez joins the Red Sox, should be an interesting season.