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Red Sox acquire Addison Reed

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The Trade Deadline was today at 3, and there was a lot of trades going on around the league. Just to name a few: Yu Darvish goes to the Dodgers, Sonny Gray dealt to the Yankees, and Fransisco Liriano was traded to the Houston Astros. The Red Sox also made a trade, bolstering their bull pen to be even more dominant than they already are. Addison Reed was the accusation from the New York Mets, for three right handed prospects. In, Stephen Nogosek, Jamie Callahan, and Gerson Bautista. Seems to be an even trade, let’s just hope the trade works out as well as I think it will.


Addison Reed

Addison Reed has had a dominant season so far in 48 appearances Reed is 1-2 with a 2.57 ERA and a 1.12 WHIP in 49.0 IP. Those are comforting numbers for a guy who is going to be reliant on making the Red Sox bull pen stronger. To think they got him for just three pitching prospects. If Addison gets even better than he has been pitching with New York, it will definitely make the Sox a winner in this trade. With only a average fastball velocity of 91.95 MPH compared to the league average of 93.10. Reed makes up for it with an impressive spin rate and gets a good amount of SO.


Reed has an opportunity to show his stuff tonight as the Red Sox go up against the Indians in the first of a three game series. With him (Reed) on the team it will make the Red Sox much more dangerous of a team. Especiially with a guy by the name of Chris Sale in the rotation. The Red Sox are coming after the Yankees and they are coming after them fast. Only sitting a .5 game behind the Yankees the division should start heating up soon. I know this for fact, the rest of the season should be a good one.