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Red Sox Designate Pablo Sandoval For Reassignment

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Red Sox Designate Pablo Sandoval For Reassignment

Earlier today, The Boston Red Sox designated Pablo Sandoval for reassignment doesn’t come as much of a shock seeing that he has had a terrible start to the season. It’s almost as if he hasn’t done anything productive for the team, he doesn’t even rank in the top 100 in any offensive stats. It’s impressive that he lasted this long, especially on a team with that much talent. So, what should they do about finding a new third baseman? The most obvious solution would be to bring in a third baseman. Out of all the talent in the league, who could they go after?


Pablo Sandoval

The panda has had a very poor start to the season, and it seems the Red Sox have run out of patience and look to go a different route. Through the first 81 games, Sandoval has posted numbers that put him toward the bottom of the league. In 99 plate appearances, and starting 32 games he has a .212 average, hitting four home runs and batting in only twelve runs. Those aren’t the type of numbers a team is looking for from a player who has a career .285 average. I don’t see any teams making a run at Sandoval, so he may be forced to retire, or stay in triple A.


Replacing Pablo Sandoval

There aren’t many options to choose from in the sense of requiring a third baseman. Although there is one guy that popped into my head that could make a good fit. Todd Fraizer of the Chicago White Sox. Seeing that the White Sox are struggling through 81 games. The Red Sox would most likely have to give up a pitcher for him. Seeing that the White Sox just traded their ace in Jose Quintana to the Cubs. So, it seems to be a perfect for both teams. Let’s hope it happens because the Red Sox are in dire need of a third baseman.