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Red Sox Sign Alex Cora As Their New Manager

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Red Sox Sign Alex Cora As Their New Manager

After falling in the ALDS to the Houston Astros, the Boston Red Sox have released former head manager John Farrell. In response, the front office for the Red Sox sign Alex Cora. A former player for the Red Sox, Alex Cora played from 2005-2008, and even won a world series in 2007 with the Sox. Cora is coming over from the Astros in which he was a bench coach. Seeing how good and deep the Astros bench is, it will change the dynamic of the team. There will be a number of moves made this offseason for the Sox. Acquiring a new starting pitcher could be of importance. Getting someone to go 1-2 with Sale would change the dynamic of the defense.

I could also see Cora going after some Power guys, figuring the Sox placed 27th in the league in HR. That facet of their offense is the one thing that could propel Boston to a World Series.

Cora’s managing experience

Like I stated earlier, Alex Cora before coming to Boston. Was the bench coach for the Houston Astros for only a single season. So, there are a lot of questions as to how is he going to handle this young-energetic team? He was more known for his defensive abilities. I have a feeling we are going to see a completely different team this upcoming season.

I can imagine a more balanced team, that can rank top 5 in both AVG and HRs. While also bolstering the starting rotation could make Boston a dangerous team. Also assuming that Sale has the same year in 18 that he had in 17. Although Porcello has to have a bounce-back season, after a disappointing follow-up to his Cy Young season.  The 2018 season will be interesting and filled with drama. Let’s hope the Sox can make it back to another World Series appearance.