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Red Sox Slow Start To Second Half

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Red Sox Slow Start To Second Half

It has officially been 10 games back since the all star break, and the Boston Red Sox have had a slow start to the second half of the season. What could it be that is pushing them through this slump of theirs? The answer could be as simple as, that’s just how baseball goes, or could it be something even deeper than that? They haven’t played any playoff contenders, not counting the New York Yankees. So, it’s not like their strength of schedule so far has been anything to fear. In all of their losses the Red Sox have given up 3+ runs a game, which doesn’t match their league rank ERA which is a 3.71 and good for third best in the league!


The offense has been what it has all season, scoring 5+ runs in the four games they have won since the all star break. The bullpen hasn’t been as effective as they have been earlier in the year. The starting pitching can also share some of the blame for their troubles. Even though with a 2.5 game lead over their bitter rival Yankees. There is still some time for the Red Sox to fix their problems. It is a lot easier to say it than to do it, but every baseball fan knows. They must have trust in the process. The Red Sox are one of the best teams in the league for a reason. They aren’t going to give up after a 4-6 start.

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Although this could be something that may carry over well into the second half of the season, if it does it won’t get to the point where the Red Sox will be out of a playoff push. For starters, they could try and get a high quality, MLB ready third baseman. Too bad Todd Fraizer was dealt to the Yankees, so that leaves little MLB ready talent on the market. There is still a lot of the season left to play. I’m sure the Red Sox will find their groove. Then be back to that winning form in no time.