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Quickest to 1,500 Ks for Sale

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                                Quickest to 1,500 K’s 

In yesterdays start against the Toronto Blue Jays, Red Sox ace Chris Sale reached 1,500 strikeouts. At just 28 years old, Chris Sale is now the fastest pitcher to reach 1,500 strikeouts. Ever since leaving the White Sox, Chris Sale has been better than ever. Averaging 12.82 strikeouts a start topping his career high from his rookie season. In which he averaged just over 12 strikeouts a game, going 12.34 on average. Well over 200 ks on the season, Sale is just 11 strikeouts away from topping his career high. Which he set in 2015 with 274 Ks, so their should be no problem with him topping his career high.


What does this mean for Sale?

Being the fastest to reach any sort of milestone is always going to be a big deal. So, what does this mean for Chris Sale exactly? Well it could definitely increase his chances of becoming a hall of fame pitcher. Along with his 2.77 ERA and .197 BAA should make him a shoe in to win the A.L. Cy Young award. Although it won’t be easy for he will have competition in the Indians ace, Corey Kluber. It should be an interesting race to see who wins the Cy Young award, but I think with Sales K/9IP. Is far to dominant for even someone like Kluber to take the award.


Whats next for Chris?

Well seeing that he will probably have another 5-6 starts, I can definitely see him going over 300 Ks on the season. How many over 300 will he be able to go though? Having 6 starts left in the season and with him averaging 12 Ks a start. He should be at 336 strikeouts by the end of the regular season. He won’t be setting any record breaking numbers. Although, like I stated earlier, it should make him a shoe in for A.L. Cy Young award. Still, time is left in the season, so we won’t know what his end of the year numbers will be. Let’s just hope he is able to get over the 300 strikeout mark.