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Thornburg Inks 1 Year Deal With The Red Sox

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Thornburg Inks 1 Year Deal With The Red Sox

This morning in an attempt to help bolster the bullpen of the Red Sox. Thornburg Inks 1 year deal with the Red Sox. The 29 year old right hander born in Houston Texas, is looking for a comeback season this year. After suffering from thoracic outlet syndrome. Thornburg has been in the league since 2012 and since then has been able to steadily find work and finding success a long the way with the Brewers. Acquired by Boston to be their main set up man, let’s hope he can step up and show us what he’s worth.


Tyler Thornburg

Going into his 7th season, Thornburg has shown dependability time and time again. And even though it’s only 6 seasons worth of stats. Tyler has amounted an impressive 2.87 career ERA, with 220 SO to 91 walks. Resulting in a K/BB OF 2.42 is really good for someone with his experience level. I feel comfortable having Thornburg being our bridge to be able to get to the great Craig Kimbrel. Who is one of the top elite closer’s in all of baseball.


Thornburg has the potential to be a difference maker on team where it’s bullpen had it’s fair share of struggles. Now that the Sox have strengthened their pen, all they need is some power guys on the offensive side to help give them a lead. Although it is hard to comeback from a season ending injury. And normally someone as young as Thornburg may have trouble coming back from such a injury. Only time will be able to tell now how effective Thornburg can be once he is fully healthy  and ready to go. So, lets just hope the young man can deliver, and maybe just maybe their will be a long term contract in his future.