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Boston Vs New York, A Rivalry That Never Disappoints

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Boston Vs New York, One Of Sports Oldest Rivalries

Dating back over 100 years, the Boston- New York rivalry is one of the best in American sports and never seems to upset. Whether its Football, Hockey or Basketball the rivalry never seems to upset. I want to focus on a specific one, Red Sox vs Yankees. The oldest of the Boston- New York rivalry and probably the most exciting. In the early 2000’s the two teams met a lot in the playoffs. Facing each other three times in an A.L. Championship Series, is definitely going to cause some tension between the two teams.


The Rivalry

There is a lot of history between these two teams. they have played the deciding series to see who wins the division twice. Red Sox won in 1904 and the Yankees won in 1949 there have been vast amounts of important games played between these two teams.

The first meeting in the postseason came in 1999 in the ALCS. The Yankees won the first game of the series on a walk off by Bernie Williams. The Yankees would also go on to win Game 2 with a big 7th inning rally. Although in Game 3, one of the best pitching match ups of all time in- Roger Clemens vs Pedro Martinez. The Red Sox ended up taking home the W with a 10-1 victory. Then the Yankees went on to win games 4 and 5, then we all know what happened after that.



This year we could possibly see another Red Sox vs Yankees playoff series. The Yankees lead  the division right now by 2 games over the Red Sox. Both teams are 5-5 in their last 10 games, I see it being a tight race throughout the entire season. Although I do see a advantages to Boston over the stretch of 162 games. Starting pitching has been excellent, with a team ERA of 3.89 and the return of David Price makes Boston a scary team. I would like to see a Red Sox- Yankees ALCS. It would a spectacle to see, and it is exactly what baseball could use. So, lets hope for an exciting race against the two Clubs and an ALCS match up.