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Chris Sale, The New Kid K?

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    Chris Sale, the new Kid K?

Chris Sale is putting that $32,500,000 over 5 years to good use so far in the season, in his first nine starts Chris Sale has averaged 10+ strikeouts in each starts. This incredible feat hasn’t been accomplished since Pedro Maritinez averaged 13.2 SO/9, ending that year with 313 strikeouts in 1999. Chris Sale is already at 95 in only nine starts. If he were to keep up this pace, would it be too crazy to say he can beat Nolan Ryans MLB record 383 strikeouts? Im not saying its going to be a easy task, but with the way hes throwing. Its not a bad question to ponder for right now.


The Strikeouts

Chris Sale has a 94 mph four seam along with some might say the best slider in the game, allows him to confuse batters and get them out of their comfort zone. When you have someone that can be that effective in every start, that’s when you know you have acquired someone amazing. Not to mention he has a nasty curveball that he uses to perfection every time. Sale has averaged 13 SO/9 at this pace if he gets the same amount of starts as least season, which was 32. He would end up with 416 Strikeouts which would be a new MLB record for strikeouts in a season.



Nothing New

This whole strikeout ordeal aren’t new to Chris Sale, since 2013 Chris Sale has averaged 226 strikeouts a year. So what could it be that’s making him excel more than usual? Could it be that he is finally on a team that can support him? Or maybe its something new in his throwing motion, whatever it is, it seems to be working. So, whatever it is lets hope he keeps doing it, we could be in the midst of something very special. Make sure you stay tuned for the excitement and all the drama.