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Red Sox All-Star Ballot Continued

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Red Sox All-Star Ballot Continued

The Boston Red Sox are an extremely talented team with a vast amount of players deserving of an All-Star spot. Although who is the most deserving of a spot on the team? There are four players that instantly come to mind. The first is the most obvious, Chris Sale. Sale should be a definite to make the team. The next is Mookie Betts, Betts is an all around talent. He can hit, he can field and he can run the bases. Next up is the kid, Andrew Benintendi. Now he may only be a rookie, but Benintendi can really tear the cover off the ball. Finally, we have Xander Bogarts, Bogarts is one of the more sound defensive players in the league.


Chris Sale 

Chris Sale as always been an elite pitcher, but it seems that making the move from Chicago to Boston is just what Sale needed. In just 14 starts Chris Sale has compiled an impressive 136 strikeouts. That would be an average of just under 10 SO a game while going an average of 6-7 innings. His SO aren’t the only thing that are elite level, his ERA is also very comforting. Holding a healthy 2.82 ERA. Chris Sale has proven time and time again that he is one of the top elite pitchers in the game. With his high fastball velocity and the nastiest slider in the league, makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Mookie Betts

Arguably the best player on the team, Mookie Betts has been busy making a name for himself throughout the league. Hitting .279 along with an OBP of .360 makes Mookie one of the best and most consistent of contact hitters. Another thing that makes Betts so valuable to have is he can also hit for power. He only has 12 home runs on the year, but it’s good enough to rank him 53rd in the league. Same goes for his slugging, which is at a satiable .498 and ranks him 48th in the league.


Andrew Benintendi

The kid is making some noise in his rookie year, hitting .272/.341/.420 those are good numbers to have for the former #1 prospect. Benintendi shows more power than contact, he has nine home runs on the season. He does have the ability to get on base consistently. The only thing better than his hitting is his defense. Benintendi has proven the range and the speed. His route efficiency is very impressive. He always seems to take the best route to the ball and makes it a sure catch with his intense concentration.


Xander Bogarts

Xander Bogarts is one of the best shortstops in the league, it’s almost as if he is a human highlight reel. He does have six errors on the season, that may be a tad high for this early in the season. Although he rebounds right back with 157 assists which ranks him 25th in the league. He leads the team in multiple offensive categories such as; AVG, OBP, H, and 3B. He is one of the best on-base hitters in the league. He ranks 15th in the league in AVG, ranks 36th in OBP with a .370. Ranks 11th in hits with 82 and 4th in the league in triples with 4. I believe it’s fair to say that he is deserving of an AllStar spot.


In my eyes, every one of these guys is very deserving of an All-Star vote, but they have a lot of competition to go up against. Mookie has to deal with the competition of Mike Trout. Andrew Benintendi has Kevin Pillar to compete with. Xander Bogarts has a very talented Jean Segura to compete with. Chris Sale may be the only All-Star contender that doesn’t have any clear competition. So, let’s hope that they all can make the team. Although if they don’t, the Red Sox will still be a very dangerous team for the whole season.