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Red Sox Biggest Little Fan- Ari Schultz

Xander Bogarts - Ari Micheal Brzezenski/via


Red Sox Biggest Little Fan- Ari Schultz

Bravery comes in all shapes and sizes, and there is one 5- year old little boy who is full of it. His name is Ari and he is a huge fan of Red Sox baseball. He can be seen in a video wearing a Red Sox jersey. While hitting some may say an absolute dinger, then running around the bases yelling out Xander Bogarts name. He was born with a bad heart and after a astounding 188 days at the hospital. The high spirited 5- year old got his heart transplant and was finally able to go home.



Ari Schultz

Diagnosed with “critical aortic stenosis” lead to complications in only the second trimester, which called for a new heart. To me he is the kind of kid that always keeps his mood up, and of course a intense love for his Boston Red Sox. Matter of fact the Boston Red Sox invited Ari and his family to Fenway with a VIP experience! That is sure to make him the happiest kid on earth. Although he will still have obstacles to climb. As he will have to take 21 medications a day and is still at risk of another complication.


As we already know Ari is a high spirited young boy who seems to never get down no matter the circumstance. What else about Ari don’t you know? Well for starters his favorite player on the Red Sox is the shortstop- Xander Bogarts.  Lets hope Xander can meet up with Ari at some point during his visit to Fenway, and sign a couple autographs. That would really make his first trip to Fenway a moment he will never forget. He has the type of enthusiasm and positivity that we all wish we had. So let’s learn from Ari, that no matter how tough things get, positivity is crucical for any situation.