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Red Sox go for the sweep against the Mariners

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Red Sox go for the sweep against the Mariners

The Boston Red Sox are on a roll, going on a six game winning streak, and having the potential to make it seven today. They have already got the sweep from Texas, and have now shut out the Mariners in two games of a three game series. With Porcello on the mound today he looks to continue the shutout streak to three games. He’s been rocky in his first 10 starts, but hopefully he can turn it around today and lead Boston to another victory.


Rick Porcello

Just 3-5 on the season with a 4.35 ERA Porcello has not produced like The Red Sox want him to. He has the potential to be a good pitcher, but just can’t seem to find any groove. Only averaging 6 2/3 IP in his 10 starts and averaging a jaw dropping 11.8 H/9. That’s not something that’s going to make you feel very good about his start tonight. If there is one silver lining to Porcellos performance it would be his K/9 which is at a comfortable 9.00. So, if you needed some relief there it is. If Porcello could just limit the Mariners to 2-3 runs at the most, the Red Sox offense should be able to give him plenty run support.


The Offense

In their last six games the Red Sox have scored an impressive 47 runs, while hitting four home runs. There are a lot of good signs offensively. The amount of people on base during their winning streak is impressive also, piling up 66 hits is something that should make you feel good for the foreseeable future. The Red Sox don’t lead the league in any batting categories except one. OBP with a .346 and also place second in the league in AVG with a .272. Barely getting edged out by the Nationals who seem to have the hottest offense in the league.


If the Red Sox can win, they will sweep the Mariners, and move onto Chicago to play the White Sox. Also with the way they have been playing, we could potentially see a third straight sweep by the Red Sox.