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Red Sox Mid-Season Report

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Red Sox Mid-Season Report

It’s halfway through the season, and the Boston Red Sox hold a comfortable record at 42-34. There have been a lot of positive signs coming out the clubhouse. Chris Sale has pitched phenomenally and the lineup has produced time and time again. The only downside through the first half is the bullpen. In the division tied with the Yankees for first place, and with a comfortable lead over the rest of the division. The second half of the season should be just as exciting as the first half.



The Red Sox pitching so far this season has been outstanding, especially a man that goes by the name of Chris Sale. So, far in this season Sale has racked up an unbelievable 155 strikeouts in only 16 starts. That is an average of just under 10 strikeouts a game, at this pace he’s going to be the A.L. Cy Young winner. Although there has been some that haven’t performed like some wanted them too. Rick Porcello the 2016 A.L. Cy Young winner has an upsetting 5.00 ERA and has only won four games. So, let’s hope he can turn it around before it’s too late.



Arguably one of the top offenses in the league, The Boston Red Sox have built a dangerous line up 1-9. With; Mookie Betts, Xander Bogarts, Dustin Pedroia and Andrew Benintendi and that will make it difficult for opposing pitchers. Mookie Betts in my eyes is the best all-around hitter in the lineup. Red Sox rank 6th in the league in AVG with a .265, although they don’t rank as high in Home Runs. Nearly last in the league at 27th with only 76  home runs. They seem to have shown signs of being a base hit team instead of a home run team. However, whatever it is they are doing, they should keep doing it because it’s working.