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Astros Acquire Pitching Depth

Liriano Alain Quevillon via


Amid all of the trade deadline buzz, the Houston Astros only came away with acquiring one arm: Francisco Liriano from the Toronto Blue Jays


The Possibilities

Numerous names were thrown around about arms finding a home in Houston. First Jose Quintana. He went to the Chicago Cubs, though. Next most talked about would be Yu Darvish. He was dealt to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The next likely trade was Sonny Gray, but he was shipped to the New York Yankees.

Though the Astros didn’t make a big splash, they did acquire an arm worthy of going deep into games.


What Liriano Offers

Liriano offers at least five to six solid innings of work. With a solid bullpen, that should be plenty come play off time.  He also offers decent knowledge of what it’s like to pitch in October having 22 innings of experience. And with that, he will bring wisdom that will be good for not only the young pitchers, but also veterans.

In 82.2 innings pitched with the Jays this year, Liriano holds a 6-5 record with a 5.88 ERA. He has given up 43 walks and 11 home runs while striking out 74.

Before Astro fans lose their heads over that horrifying 5.88 ERA, know he held a 5.46 ERA in 113 innings last year before being dealt from the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Jays. With the Jays, Liriano finished with a 2.92 ERA in 49 innings. Perhaps the change of scenery will help him. What better place to do it than in Houston?


What The Trade Means in the Long Haul

In acquiring Liriano, the Astros sent veteran outfielder Nori Aoki and sophomore infielder Teoscar Hernandez to the Jays.

This opens the door to give more AB’s to prospect outfielder Derek Fisher (4th in organization, 54th in MLB) and potentially even Kyle Tucker (1st in organization, 10th in MLB). Considering Tucker is yet to make his MLB debut, it seems the Astros will look to Fisher for the rest of the year.



Though it is surprising the Astros did not land the bullpen arms they were rumored to, Zach Britton from the Baltimore Orioles, or Bud Norris from the Los Angeles Angels, it should not prove to be too much of a factor.

Yeah you can never have enough arms stored in the bullpen ready for deployment, the current Astro pen is still solid.

An arm for the rotation was much needed and they acquired it. No he is no Darvish or Gray, but who needs them when you got a guy giving you five or six innings of solid baseball and a pretty good pen to back him up.