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Astros Rangers to play at Tropicana Field not Houston

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Astros Rangers to play at Tropicana Field not Houston


Massive flooding and horrific damage have struck Houston this past week. Tropical Storm Harvey has left the nation’s fourth largest city basically under water.



August 29-21 vs. Rangers @ Tropicana Field

With the city of Houston experiencing this tragedy, the Tampa Bay Rays have opened their doors to the Astros and Rangers to play on their field. The Astros will be considered the home team and will bat in the bottom half of each inning.


The Effects Beyond Baseball

Of course whenever a tragedy like this hits it is always unfortunate. Especially during baseball season considering the floods go beyond baseball. But through giving assistance, spreading awareness, making donations and sending prayers, a difference can be made. And some MLB teams like the Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles and the Rangers have acknowledged that.


Astros players like Joe Musgrove and Carlos Correa and more have also expressed their concerns for the city. 


Texas born St. Louis Cardinal Matt Carpenter is doing his part. Yesterday, Carpenter pledged $100,000 to Hurricane aid for every home run he hits from here until the end of the season.

Yesterday, owners of both the Houston Astros, Jim Crane, and Houston Rockets, Leslie Alexander, donated $4 million each to aid the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey


As Baseball Continues

Through the tragedy, there is a silver lining: Houston Astros baseball.

Coming off a series win at Los Angeles against the Angels, the Astros look to bring that momentum into the next series when they host the Texas Rangers in Tampa Bay on Tropicana field.

Just three games behind the Minnesota Twins for the second AL Wild Card spot, six behind the New York Yankees for the first, this series will prove to be a big one for the Rangers team. As well for the Astros.

If the Rangers can take at least two out of the three, they will be in good shape to overtake the Twins before the season ends. Fifteen games behind the Astros, fourth in the AL West, it is improbable the Rangers will take over first place in the division, so taking a Wild Card spot is all they can hope for.

However, the Astros will need to pile on the wins if they wish to keep home field advantage as first seed in the AL.

If you too want to be of help for the people of Houston but don’t know how, visit this website to see the many options you can do to help.