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Jose Altuve Wins First Career MVP

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Jose Altuve Wins First Career MVP

What an ending to a fantastic season as Jose Altuve wins first career MVP. Leading the league in AVG with .346, then winning the World Series, a Silver Slugger, and now he wins his first MVP. I don’t believe there was anyone in the A.L. more deserving than Altuve. The voting was close, but ultimately Altuve won, with Aaron judge right behind him. Although there were deciding factors in Altuves play. Becoming just the second Astros player in franchise history to win MVP after leading the A.L in hits for the past four seasons. With the only other player being Jeff Bagwell in 1994 when he won A.L MVP voting. That’s elite HOF company to be in.


Jose Altuve

At only 27 and his 7th season in the league, Jose Altuve has certainly made a name for himself throughout the league. A 5x All-Star, 4x Silver Slugger award winner,1 World Series ring, 1 Gold Glove and now Jose Altuve wins first career MVP award. He is certainly someone who is going to be a big star for years to come. Even though he is only in his 7th season, he has shown his consistency holding a .316 career AVG.

Already compiling 1250 hits in his career, he will surely become a member of the 3000 hit club before his career is over. Averaging 211 in the past 4 seasons, if he were to keep up that pace. He would reach 3000 career hits by his 16th season in the league. Now, of course, no one keeps up at the same place their whole career. However, I believe he has a very good chance of achieving the feat.


Following 2017

After having the type of season Altuve had in 2017, it’s going to be hard to top his 2017 season. Leading the league in AVG, lead the A.L. in hits, World Series champion, Silver Slugger, and MVP. He’s going to need a miracle to top his previous season. With how well he played last year, I see a new Altuve. Someone who is going to be in MVP talk for consecutive years. The only way he could possibly top last year is by winning World Series MVP and a Gold Glove along with his MVP. Yet I think that’s hopeful thinking. For now enjoy the glory of being the best team in Baseball, because there are only 351 days until the Astros aren’t World Champions anymore. Hopefully, we can say that again this time next year.

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