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The Los Angeles Angels Sign Shohei Ohtani

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The Los Angeles Angels Sign Shohei Ohtani

After much anticipation, the Los Angeles Angels sign Shohei Ohtani as they look to push into the playoffs. The Japanese Star can hit and pitch at a high level. According to MLB Pipeline, Ohtani enters the top 100 prospects list at number 1.

Scouts give him a 70 overall grade in pitching and a 60 overall grade in hitting. Those are some absolutley incredible numbers. His most notable pitching grade is his fastball, which scouts put at an 80. Ohtani also has an extensive pitching repitiore that includes: fastball, slider, curveball, splitter and changeup. This should make it tricky to guess what pitch he is likely to throw in a given atbat.

At just 23 years old, he adds great depth to the Angels roster as it gives them both a good hitter to play DH, and a top of the line pitcher to add to their rotation. One of the key bargening chips the Angels had over the other teams on Ohtani’s list, was that the Angels were willing to let Ohtani pitch and play DH.

Most teams in the negotation proccess wanted Ohtani to focus on one or the other in order to develop more as a player. The Los Angeles Angels are doing their best to create a playoff team, and with other talented players on the free agents list such as Jake Arrieta, Carlos Santanna and Wade Davis among others, if the Angels are willing to open their checkbook they could become a World Seires caliber team really fast.

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