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Astros Stars Return off DL

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Astros Stars Return off DL

The Houston Astros currently sit atop the AL West with the best record baseball of 32-16. This proves that the Astros can only get better, but only with the help of the two they put on the disabled list last week.

Since putting southpaw ace Dallas Keuchel and offseason pickup catcher Brian McCann on the DL, the Astros have been 3-3. This shows that these two are very important in the Astros run towards October.

Brian McCann

Before going on the 7-day DL with a concussion, McCann had a batting slash of.269/.365/.454. He knocked six out of the park and drove in 25 runs. He also has an OPS of .819. The importance of McCann’s bat in the lineup is crucial.

Taking his place, former catcher Evan Gattis and Juan Centeno, have done a good job in keeping up their end, but there was something missing. McCann not only brings the big bat, but he works the pitchers. He works them to the point of a higher possibility of taking first base, hence the .365 on-base percentage.

Dallas Keuchel

Keuchel was placed on the 10-day DL last Saturday with a pinched nerve in his neck. Before then, he was on a pace similar to his Cy-Young winning 2015 season. In nine starts, one complete game, the beard has a 1.84 ERA, 54 strikeouts and leads the team in innings pitched, 63.2, by a large portion.

If the Astros expected to compete well this season, it all relied in the left arm of Keuchel. After a rough 2016, Keuchel is well on his way to shutting up the critics and, more importantly, ready to lead the Astros to an October appearance.

In his time on the DL he only missed one start. The pitching has showed that they miss Keuchel giving up 25 runs in six games. Even so, a record of 3-3 without an ace is not too shabby. With the inclusion of Keuchel, things look to pick up after this short and not too effective slump the team entered.

Their return

McCann was placed on the 7-day DL Sunday, May 21. He is now expected to be placed into the starting lineup again Saturday, May 27. His impact in the lineup will be noticed.

Keuchel, placed on the 10-day DL Saturday May 20, has aspirations to take the mound this Saturday, May 27. Keuchel’s return comes three days sooner than expected, something the Astros will enjoy. As a pitcher who has had injury troubles in the past, his speed recovery is definitely fortunate.